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The best commercial coffee makers offer reliability and low maintenance. In addition, businesses are looking for a coffee maker that can steam up coffee or espresso in under one minute.

This can be complimentary coffee for visitors to a bank or a standard cup of joe in the local convenience store.

What is a commercial coffee maker?

A commercial coffee maker is a machine that makes coffee in a business setting.

commercial coffee maker

The type of coffee machine you will end up purchasing will vary depending on your needs.

Types Of Commercial Coffee Machines 

There are many options for you to choose from. Commercial drip coffee makers can either be automatic or manual.

Automatic commercial coffee makers usually attach directly to a water line so that no reservoir needs to be refilled.

There are also commercial pour-over coffee makers that are not connected to water lines. These are not locked to one place and can be moved more easily.

If you will not be pouring directly into a mug, you can have your machine brew into a decanter, server, or carafe.

Beneath these is usually a warming plate that keeps the coffee inside of them hot for hours.

Drip Coffee Machine Vs. Espresso Machines 

If you prefer an espresso machine in order to be able to make specialty coffee drinks.


These machines come with a portafilter that extracts espresso in a different way than drip coffee is prepared.

Additionally, espresso machines typically come with a steam wand so that you can warm up mugs prior to pouring espresso in them and create creamy, frothy milk to pour on top of the coffee. 

A commercial coffee maker allows you to serve coffee to your clients or customers with ease.

Not only does it make the environment more hospitable, but it also fills the building with the enjoyable aroma of coffee.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For

You have the ability to choose from a variety of brands and types of commercial coffee makers.

The machine that is ideal for you and your needs depends on whether your business is a low- or high-volume establishment.

What To Look For

You will need to know what capacity of coffee you will need to brew and at what speed.

Plus, assess which additional features are important to you: More variety or a consistent favorite? Speed and convenience or excellent quality?


There are machines that can grind and brew drip coffee, and that is their sole purpose.

An example of a simple, low-cost commercial drip coffee machine is the Bloomfield 8543-D2 Koffee King Coffee Brewer.

Another option, perfect for a setting like a catering event, is a coffee urn that brews and holds a large quantity of coffee at one time.

An example is the West Bend 33600 100-cup Commercial Urn–it holds 100 cups of coffee and keeps them hot for however long you need.

The Fancy Drinks Machines 

Additionally, some machines have a portafilter for pulling espresso shots and a milk-steaming wand for making cappuccinos and lattes.

There are dispensing machines that can make a specific type of drink on their own, like the Wilbur Curtis G3 System 6 Station Cappuccino Commercial Cappuccino Machine.

These machines can add cream and syrups automatically and make you a preset drink at the push of a button.

There are also self-service and vending coffee machines that are explained in detail below.

Best Commercial Coffee Machines

1.Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

If you are looking for the best commercial coffee machine in the world, the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine may just be just what are looking for.


Rated by several coffee machine review sites as a “great deal” and by Amazon as a “#1 Best Seller in Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines,” the Breville coffee maker is loved by many. 

This coffee machine grinds your beans, textures your milk, and pours you the perfect cup of coffee.

In fact, it is so advanced that you have an option of what grind size you prefer for your beans–coarse, medium, or fine.

Plus, the micro-foam milk texturing wand allows you to create beautiful latte art. If you like a golden crema over your espresso when you extract it.

The 9 bar extraction pressure is ideal for that. Plus, with low pressure, you are able to pre-infuse the ground coffee to allow it to evenly soak and expand prior to extracting.


Best of all, it comes with multiple accessories, such as:

  • a razor dose trimming tool
  • a variety of filter baskets
  • a coffee scoop
  • milk jug
  • water filter
  • cleaning supplies
  • and more

 Where else can you get an all-in-one deal like that? 

Another benefit to owning the Breville: If you purchase this product on Amazon, free tech support is included.

This means that when you receive your coffee machine, if you would like help setting it up.

You can speak to a technician over the phone and get the assistance you need. This is available during the first 90 days after purchase only.


2.BUNN ICB-Twin Infusion Series Coffee Brewer

BUNN makes some of the best commercial coffee makers for convenience stores. While they have a variety of makes and models.


Some of their best products and services are designed for convenience stores specifically.

Take for instance this BUNN ICB-Twin Infusion Series Coffee Brewer. Something like could be ideal for a convenience store.

Two pots of coffee can be available for customers at the same time. A store can opt to utilize one pot for regular coffee and one for decaf–or both caffeinated. 


Plus, BUNN doesn’t only sell machines that make coffee. They also have machines that make tea, hot chocolate, frozen slushies–you name it.

Another advantage of being a customer: BUNN is very experienced with servicing large convenience stores.

Full-service technical support is automatically included with all BUNN equipment.

Plus, you have the option of purchasing additional service packages that include installation and maintenance such as cleaning and water quality consultations.

3.Sanremo Opera 2.0 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

If your business’s main focus is coffee, and your baristas take their coffee-making very seriously.


You might need to get the best commercial coffee maker for a coffee shop.

The Sanremo Opera 2.0 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is perfect for multiple baristas to prepare drinks for multiple customers at the same time.


This powerful machine is designed by baristas, for baristas. Its intent is to be used in the specialty coffee market.

The 400lb machine is made of steel for thermal stability. It is equipped with a multi-boiler system.

The gear pump is designed to exert various levels of pressure to extract the coffee. 


The barista has complete control of how much pressure is preferred for a particular cup of coffee.

With the ability to shift from 3.5 bars to 6 to 9, it is possible to have the same exact coffee grains taste entirely different after extraction.

With six different flavor profiles, the machine is designed for the purpose of giving the barista freedom to pull an exact flavor into a cup of coffee.

This is done by adjusting the pressure and infusion settings. 

The pre-infusion setting helps change the flavor and increase the quality.

Pre-infusion is a method of injecting small amounts of water at a softer pressure into the basket.

This causes the coffee grains to swell and results in a more uniform extraction. You have a post-infusion option as well.

To ensure that unneeded drops of water do not end up in the freshly-extracted espresso.

Commercial coffee machines with so many different extraction options are rare. Most machines have one type of pressure and limited additional settings.

The Sanremo has a screen that shows, numerically, exactly what is happening as the coffee is extracted.

This is based on the settings that you have selected for that specific cup of coffee.

You can see the screen recognize the flow and calculate when it needs to stop extracting. 


With three portafilters extracting coffee simultaneously, a barista can pull multiple espresso shots at once.

Plus, there are two milk steam wands on both ends of the machine.

So when a coffee shop has nonstop orders coming in, two baristas can be working on three lattes at the same time to speed up the service. 

Even its ability to pour water is extraordinary. It has the ability to create mixed infusion hot water for tea so that freshwater and steam is mixed together to create a better quality tea. 

What is extra useful about the Sanremo is that it is fully programmable through the tablet that comes with it.

Via an app on the tablet, baristas are able to set parameters.


You choose how you want to use the Sanremo machine–it is fully customizable.

An advanced commercial coffee maker like the Sanremo can do a lot more than what a standard machine can do.

You see how it works by watching demonstrations of it in use on Youtube.

4.La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric Espresso Machine BAR-T 2V

The La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric Espresso Machine BAR-T 2V is a beautiful piece of equipment that is functional and efficient.


The sleek Italian-made machine is sturdy and heavy duty. The water boiler fits 14 liters and connects to a direct water feed.

At the top, it has a rack to store a variety of mugs in all sizes.



This biggest perk of the La Pavoni Italian commercial espresso machine is its two groups. Espresso makers have a component that connects with a portafilter.

The portafilter is the device with a handle and basket that is filled with coffee gains, then attached to the group head.

This machine has two portafilters that fit into two group heads. The benefit of this is that your machine can extract two espressos at once.

Plus, with two milk steam wands, two cappuccinos can be created at the same time. Imagine all of the saved time.

If purchased from Majesty Coffee, the machine takes only 2-4 days to ship. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Furthermore, to ensure the quality of your coffee and the longevity of your machine, a free water softener installation is recommended.

It is required if you want to remain under warranty.

5.Wilbur Curtis G3 Single Standard Airpot Commercial Coffee Brewer

The Wilbur Curtis G3 Single/Standard Airpot Commercial Coffee Brewer is an excellent choice for a business that needs to brew a lot of coffee quickly.


Commercial coffee makers with a water line are frequently used in restaurants, hotels, and other types of establishments that serve coffee to large groups of customers.

When used for such a purpose, it is important to be able to hook up a coffee machine to plumbing so that it has an unlimited water supply. 

There are connections on the back of the Wilbur Curtis Brewer that allow the coffee machine to connect to the plumbing, like a water-dispensing refrigerator.

When hooked up to a water line, the water runs to the machine when needed, without needing to refill a water reservoir–saving time and resulting in happier customers.



While it has a factory setting built in, you can also customize it. This coffee machine is durable, with a solid build.

It is easy to install and easy to use. All it needs is to be plugged in to electricity, hooked up to the water supply, and it is good to go. 

It has a digital control module with advanced features. A large display shows functions that are easy to understand.

The machine has the option to pre-infuse or pulse brew the coffee to enhance the extraction of coffee.

Food service professionals love how simple and functional this coffee machine is. 

6.VonShef 220 Volt 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine Maker

This 220v commercial coffee maker can work very well in your small business.  It contains a 1.5L water tank so that you won’t need to top it off constantly.


The machine comes with a cup-warming plate and a built-in temperature gauge that lets you know when your water is hot enough.

Plus, it has a removable drip tray that you can easily clean.

The VonShef 220 Volt 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine Maker has a “double” basket, which means it can pull a double shot at one time.

Plus, it has a steaming wand for creating foamy milk for topping your espresso with.

You can use this machine to make coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

Best of all, it has a 15 bar pump pressure that will create that delicious layer of crema on top of your strong cup of coffee.



Keep in mind that this product is 220 volt for use outside of North America. You cannot plug it into an outlet with a voltage of 110.

If you would like to use it in countries like the United States or Canada, you will need to use a voltage converter.

You can purchase one online, like this ELC series step up/down voltage transformer.

It is reversible in both input and output, meaning it has an input switch for either 110 or 220 volt.

You can convert voltages from 110-120 volt up to 220-240 volt and from 220-240 volt down to 110-120 volt. 

7.Brew Express BEC-110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System

If you are looking for a plumbed coffee maker for the office, the Brew Express BEC-110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System is great for that purpose.


With the ability to make just one cup, a half pot (five cups), or a full pot (10 cups), you can choose how much coffee you want to brew each time that you use the coffee machine.

If the entire staff is present, set it to brew a full pot, but if you’re the only one staying behind to finish a late-night project, you can have it brew just one small cup of coffee for you.


The speedy coffee maker takes just six minutes to brew a full pot of coffee and stays hot in the insulated carafe for several hours.

While brewing, it sprays on all of the grounds at the same time, instead of just dripping into the center of the filter–which is a preferred choice amongst coffee connoisseurs. 

The inside of the carafe that the coffee pours into is stainless steel, keeping your coffee hot for hours.

Plus, it requires no wait time for water to warm up and can offer you hot water on demand.

The convenience of this coffee machine will make any office break room your favorite place to get a quick cup of coffee.


The Brew Express only works with a direct water line connected to it. This allows it to self-fill when needed.

Save yourself the time and effort put into refilling a reservoir on your own.

It is recommended that you buy an inline filter for the waterline to ensure that it does not end up getting plugged up.

If it is placed near the refrigerator, you can connect it directly to the line that leads to the ice maker.


This coffee machine is known to be reliable and lasts for years, but it also comes with a one-year warranty.

It is deemed to withstand commercial use and is usually marketed to offices. If you purchase it on Amazon, free tech support is included. 

8.Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker 

This Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System is the ideal commercial coffee maker with a hot water dispenser.



The Cuisinart coffee maker is a great choice for the office or a small business. It has a carafe that holds 12 cups of hot coffee, tea, water–your preference.

There is a carafe temperature control that allows you to keep the heater plate on high, medium, or low so that the temperature is just the way you like it. 

Plus, it has hot water on demand for you to use for anything else that requires hot water–cocoa, oatmeal, cup of noodles, etc.

The hot water system is a separate system that has its own power button and uses its own 45 ounce reservoir.

An indicator tells you when the water is hot so you know that it is ready for you to do.


You can use it at the same time as you use the coffee machine, or when the coffee machine is not in use.

All you need to do is press the lever, and the machine will dispense hot water when you want it.

It also has a safety feature that shuts off the hot water system and does not allow it to be dispensed. 

Plus, this machine has a charcoal water filter and gold-tone filter that removes impurities from the water to ensure that your coffee, tea, or hot water tastes as it should, untainted by minerals and chemicals in tap water.

The coffeemaker comes with a limited 3-year warranty. Free Amazon tech support is included.


9. Zojirushi EC-YSC100 Fresh Brew Coffee Maker

The Zojirushi EC-YSC100 Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker is a good choice for a commercial coffee maker with a timer and automatic shut off.


The best part of this coffee machine is that it can have coffee ready for you every morning without you needing to do a thing.

It comes with a 24-hour programmable timer that sets a brewing schedule based on your preferences.


So if you wake up at 7AM, hop in the shower right away, and want coffee ready when you’re out, this machine can do that.

It will heat and brew itself and a steaming cup of coffee will be waiting for you without you doing any of the work.

Likewise, you can use this coffee pot in a commercial setting, programming the machine to make a fresh pot of coffee every hour, or right when a client or customer arrives.


The Zojirushi brews 10 cups of coffee at once that it can keep hot for hours in a vacuum-sealed insulated stainless steel carafe.

Coffee pours from the carafe at the push of a button (thumb-activated pouring), which ensures that the heat is locked in for hours.

An additional benefit of having this coffee maker is that it automatically shuts off by itself. Once the coffee is done brewing, it beeps four times and shuts itself off.

The coffee maker comes with a removable water tank for easy refilling. Plus, the machine is designed to clean itself with an automated clean cycle, making maintenance a breeze.

A light goes on to notify you when it is time to clean the machine. Allowing the machine to clean itself when it recommends ensures the longevity of your coffeemaker. 


10.Coffee Pro CP-RLT Dual Brew Commercial Coffee Maker with Thermal/Decanter

A great commercial coffee maker with a carafe is the Coffee Pro CP-RLT Dual Brew Commercial Coffee Maker Thermal/Decanter.


This eco-friendly, thermal coffee brewer has a pour over design and heat pump technology that is designed to save energy.


The Coffee Pro takes just 4-5 minutes to brew a fresh pot of coffee. The thermal carafe comes with your order (plus 25 commercial coffee filters so that you are ready to make coffee the day your product arrives).

The thermal carafe, stainless steel frame, and warming plate, combined together will keep your freshly brewed coffee hot for hours. No more microwaving cold, forgotten coffee in the breakroom.

With its 2.2 liter brewing capacity, it is perfect for your business’s breakroom or office. Pour your clients a perfect cup of coffee as they arrive to make them feel welcome. 


#11 Saeco Steel SE 200 Commercial Espresso Machine

If you are traveling in a van or have a mobile food truck business, you are probably looking for the best commercial coffee machine for mobile van.

One of the best machines for this purpose is the Saeco Steel SE 200. Its versatility and size is perfect for a mobile van.



The Saeco comes with two groups in case orders are coming in quickly and you don’t want to be delayed while waiting for your espresso to be extracted.

It pre-infuses the coffee for a longer extraction to take more out of the coffee for better flavor. 

In addition to having two portafilters, it has a steam wand to create that delicious creamy froth on top of your cappuccino.

It also offers a hot water wand if you need to make an americano or tea. The Saeco comes with a 13 liter boiler.

Plus, the drip tray turns around to create more room for a different cup size.


This coffee machine connects to electricity and offers you options depending on the type of hook-ups your van is connected to.

There are multiple adjustments that you can make specifically for your mobile business. There is a YouTube video that shows it in use in a mobile coffee van.

The Saeco espresso machine mixes high-quality and convenience. While it is a good choice for mobile vans, it is great for cafes, restaurants, and bars too. 



How long does a commercial coffee machine last?

Commercial coffee machines typically should last from 10 to 15 years, but that depends on how well they are maintained.

Like all machines–cars, appliances, etc.–regular maintenance is required if you want them to work at their best capacity.


Likewise, if your coffee machine is cleaned regularly and correctly, you will get more years out of it.

You must also ensure that it is functioning well and is not misused. That will increase the longevity of the machine. 

What is the commercial coffee maker rental cost?

If you do not want to purchase a coffee machine to own permanently, you can opt to lease one instead.

There are appliance leasing services that include commercial coffee machines. Often, these services come with included maintenance, possible upgrades, and the option to own eventually.


The cost to lease a commercial drip coffee machine varies, just like the prices of coffee makers for purchase.

Typically, the cost is a weekly rental bill that ranges from $12 to $100 per week.

If your business plans to make a lot of coffee, there are also more advanced machines, like an espresso machine with multiple group heads.

These cost more than a commercial drip coffee maker. Typically, you would rent these types of machines for a monthly fee.

Rental prices for espresso machines range from $80 to $800.

This price entirely depends on the size of the machine, how many group heads it offers, and how well-known its brand name is.


The Synesso Cyncra 3 Group Espresso Machine is an example of an excellent espresso machine for a busy coffee shop.

With three group heads, your coffee shop will never be delayed when making specialty drinks for customers.

You can either purchase it for $16,200, or if you don’t have that kind of money to throw at an espresso machine when your business is just starting off, you can lease it for $354.78 a month. 

The Rancilio Classe 10 USB 2 Group Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine is another excellent choice.

Instead of purchasing it for $12,700, you can lease this machine for $350 a month.

There are cheaper options, like the Astoria Gloria AL1 1 Group Lever Commercial Espresso Machine. Instead of purchasing it for $3,168, you can lease it for $87 a month. 

What is the cost to buy a commercial coffee maker?

The cost of your commercial coffee machine depends on what kind of coffee machine your business needs.

Do you need it simply brew a large pot of coffee or pull individual espresso shots? Do you expect your business to be busy and need a machine that is fast and easy-to-use?

Or does your business have other best-selling items and you plan to pour coffee infrequently?

How much coffee do you need to be able to brew at once? Answer all of these questions, and then you can proceed to understand the prices of certain types of commercial coffee machines.


On average, the cost of commercial drip coffee machines starts at approximately $600 and rises to $6,000 or $7,000.

Certain models, especially machines that not only make drip coffee but also espresso, go up to $40,000 or more.

Again, the type of commercial coffee machine you will end up purchasing entirely depends on your preferences and your business’s needs.

If you are looking for one of the top models on the market, prepare to pay more.


Assess what your business requires and go from there. The price of your coffee maker varies based on the features that you are looking for in your commercial coffee machine.

You can decide how many cups of coffee you will need your machine to be able to produce in a day, or an hour.

Plus, decide which additional features are important to you–milk steamer, espresso shots, etc. 

The more advanced your machine is, the higher in cost your commercial coffee maker will be.

The fewer features (and slower output), the less it will cost. Compare the options out there.

Purchase the type of machine you need, learn how to use it, and begin making delicious cups of brew. Soon, your investment in your commercial coffee machine will pay off.

What are common commercial coffee machine brands?

What Are Common Commercial Coffee Machine BrandIf you are looking for a drip coffee machine for a restaurant or hotel and don’t need a more advanced espresso machine, a well-known name by all such establishments is Bunn.

One particular Bunn machine is mentioned above, but there are many different makes and models to choose from.

Besides Bunn, similar machines are also made by Bloomfield, Fetco, Curtis, Grindmaster, and Avantco. 


Take for instance this Bloomfield 8782AF Gourmet 1000 Automatic Airpot Brewer. Bloomfield has a variety of other coffee makers, and the one that appeals most to you will depend based on your preferences.

For example, do you prefer an airport or just a regular carafe or decanter? Also, do you want a warmer for your carafe, and if yes, just one, or several? You have many options with companies like Bloomfield.

Wilbur Curtis–or just Curtis–is also another great company that makes similar drip coffee machines for commercial businesses.

We referenced one above in our list, but there is a large variety for you to browse prior to making a selection.

There similar machines made by Grindmaster, like the Grindmaster CPO-SAPP Portable Airpot Pourover Coffee Brewer, but this company doesn’t offer as much variety.

If you are looking for something simple though, it does have all of the basics.


If you are looking for something more advanced, then Breville, like the machine referenced above, creates amazing quality espresso makers.

Astra, like the Mega III Semi-Automatic Portion Control Espresso Machine, is also a familiar brand in the coffee shop world. 

Rancilio makes a variety of espresso machines as well. They have larger espresso machines, like the Rancilio Classe Three-Group Automatic Classe 10 USB Espresso Machine.

This is an excellent choice for busy coffee shops that require three group heads in use at once.

They also have smaller and cheaper options, like the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

Some cafes opt for the lesser-known but still great quality Elektra Sixties Deliziosa Commercial Espresso Machine.

Additionally, the Quick Mill New Vetrano Espresso Machine is another quality espresso machine that is beginning to be more appreciated by the average barista or coffee shop owner.


A miniature version, with one group head, can work just as well for smaller coffee shops.

An example of one would be the Linea Mini Espresso Machine. A machine similar to the Linea is the Sage BES980UK the Oracle Espresso.

The DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine is also simple, low-cost machine that is rated a #1 Best-seller on Amazon.


What are self-service commercial coffee machines?

Certain types of machines may not want a drip coffee machine or an espresso machine.
For those businesses, there are self service commercial coffee machines. These machines have a touch-button selection screen that allow you to select your favorite hot beverage.

You can get a machine that offers:
  • fresh coffee
  • cappuccinos
  • lattes
  • flat whites
  • espresso
  • hot chocolate
  • and more

All of these choices can be made at the push of a button. The machine would have all of the ingredients ready for mixing already within it, and mix and dispense at your command. 


The variety of its abilities makes it much more useful and inclusive than a simple drip coffee machine.

Plus, the automation of these machines results in speed and convenience that you can’t get from espresso machines.

Self-service commercial coffee machines are ideal for a modern office that wants to offer a variety of specialty drinks to the average employee or client–without needing to employ a barista. 

Some of these machines connect to an app on your smartphone via bluetooth, meaning you can have the machine begin making your drink before you have walked downstairs to push a button.

By the time you have the machine in sight, it can already have your drink ready. Imagine the convenience, especially in a fast-paced business environment.


An example of a popular self-service machine is the JURA GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine.

This type of machine is built to be able to make up to 200 cups per day. Most commercial businesses can be successful with a machine like the Jura.

Franke is another well-known brand among self-service coffee machines. The Franke S700 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is a popular choice among many businesses.

Franke also has a FoamMaster 850, which can not only make hot drinks but a variety of iced beverages as well.

This machine is built to make up to 350 drinks per day–that’s 80,000 a year! You can watch a YouTube video of the Franke A600FM FoamMaster machine in use. 

With 15 customizable drinks and a cheaper price, the KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Super Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is another great option.

The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine is an example of a smaller machine with only 6 options.

Save Time 

Fans of self-service machines feel that these machines make coffee at almost the same quality as popular chain coffee shops.

But, having one of these machines in your business eliminates the need to run across the street to a cafe, stand in line, and wait for your drink to be prepared.

It is ready for you in seconds and served just the way you like it.

What are commercial coffee vending machines? 

Another popular option in the fast-paced business world is commercial coffee vending machines that work just like any other type of vending machine.

The difference is, instead of serving you a bag of chips or a bottle of soda, they prepare your favorite hot drink for you.

Once you pay and make your selection, the machine gets to work on your cappuccino, cafe mocha, or tea and dispenses your selection when it’s ready.


Prices for coffee vending machines vary depending on their size and how many selections they offer.

Larger machines that offer 15+ selections can cost $6,700 or more when purchased new. Smaller, simpler machines can cost closer to $1,000 to $2,000.

The Seaga K-Cup Single-Serve Countertop Coffee Capsule Vending Machine Station is an example of a commercial coffee vending machine. This machine comes with 16 selections.

Each selection holds 12 pods, with the ability to make 192 cups of coffee before needing to be refilled with more coffee pods. It takes both coins and credit cards.


A larger machine that can hold more ingredients and, therefore, make more drinks before needing to be resupplied, is the Crane National 673 Coffee Machine.

This machine comes with 10 drink selections, such as regular coffee, hot chocolate, americano, and blended drink options.

Some machines can even additionally offer hot soup. These machines are typically purchased in refurbished condition. 

A more modern option is a Saeco coffee vending machine. A variety of their machines can be found here.

These types of machines are preferred in a setting where convenience and speed is crucial, and quality takes second place.