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The best commercial meat slicers are powerful, reliable(low maintenance) and yet are affordable.

A high-grade commercial meat slicer is as important as a cash register or POS system in your deli. Many small delicatessens rely on only one meat slicer, therefore, they must choose carefully.

In this detailed buyers guide, we will review how to select the best commercial meat slicer for your business. In addition, we will identify the best units based on tray size, power, and pricing.

Best Commercial Meat Slicers 


BESWOOD is a very reliable product you can count on. Specifically designed for commercial purposes.

This meat slicer gives you the benefit of a powerful motor of 240 watts and 120 voltage power, a 10” chromium-plated, strong, durable carbon steel blade, and user-friendliness. 

The carbon steel is covered by chromium, which protects the blade from rust. What’s most important is that the rust doesn’t spread to the rest of the machine. This meat slicer will last longer than the other appliances in your commercial kitchen. 

Multi-Function Meat Slicer 

It can slice not only meat, but also bread, cheese, vegetables and many more. You get up to 12 mm slice thickness by adjusting the unit.

The switch avoids power shock, thereby ensuring safe operation. The unit features skid-proof rubber bottom and blade ring guard to protect from injuries.

The design of the machine features a built-in sharpener consisting of two stones, able to cut through tough meats. The stones will sharpen the blade for you. Enjoy silent operation thanks to the V-belt that prevents vibration or extra noise.


  • The blade is rust-resistant
  • Slices meat fast and quietly
  • Cuts a variety of foods
  • Reduces noise and vibration


  • Expensive 
  • Handle’s design could be improved

2.KWS MS-10N –  Sturdiest Meat Slicer

KWS slicer is by far the best option for a great deal of restaurants, shops, and more. The sturdy construction is meant to last years and to provide you with endurance and durability.

The meat slicer is made of a Teflon-coated, high-quality stainless steel blade. This unit is firmer and more durable than most carbon steel blades on the market. 

Anti Corrosion Blade 

The blade has an anti-corrosion design and can prevent residue from building up so you don’t have to wipe the excess of your blade as you work.

Moreover, there’s a built-in sharpener that helps it maintain a sharp edge for premium cutting ability and sharpens the blade.

The slicer is efficient, silent, and reliable. It features a 10” premium blade that can cut through any meat. It’s perfect for commercial use.

Ideal for slicing frozen or cooked meat, vegetables, cheese, and fruit smoothly and quickly, the slices can be up to 4 ” thick as needed. 

Waterproof On/Off Switch 

The unit is very safe to use because it has a waterproof On-Off switch. The non-slip bottom holds the unit in place during use. The wide tray can hold food of any size.

You can remove the carriage easily for fast and easy cleaning, which is great because it prevents bacteria growth.

One of the best features of this product is its motor. It has 320 watt power and a power transformer that deliver the power needed for constant and proper slicing.

Additionally, the transformer can effectively avoid leakage and short circuits. The pure copper motor offers the slicer the perfect mix of endurance and performance.


  • Self-sharpening system
  • The motor is very quiet
  • It’s a safe, durable, and reliable machine
  • Easy to use, runs smoothly
  • Great customer service


  • A bit too heavy

3.Vevor 10” Blade-Best Adjustability

The Vevor machine, designed for commercial use, will deliver what you need. With a 10” stainless steel blade and powerful 240-watt motor.

It can precisely slice various types of food from soft cheese to tough meat. You’ll be happy because the unit can slice without breaking down the muscle structure.

Rust Resistant Stainless Steel 

The rust-resistant stainless steel blade is designed to resist rust and will maintain its sharp edge for slicing. The best thing about the unit is that slice thickness can be adjusted from 0 to 17 mm.

The fixed safety ring guard prevents accidental contact with the blade. Water accidents are prevented through the waterproof cover and the skid-proof rubber feet keep the unit in place.

This product’s compact design makes it a great addition to your commercial kitchen. It can be placed across from the point of sale system so you could easily serve the customer.

The inbuilt whetstones will sharpen the blade for you. This means that the blade will be always razor sharp for proper cutting. You can remove the blade for easy cleaning.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Slices smoothly and quietly
  • Sharpening is a breeze
  • Slices everything with ease


  • Cleaning is a bit tricky

Things To Consider Before Buying a Meat Slicer Machine 

In this section, we outline the main factors to take into consideration before buying a unit, such as power, price, tray size, material and more.


Powerful meat slicers will help cut food quicker and more efficiently. There are three meat slicer capacities: light, medium and heavy- duty.

You can choose depending on your needs. Capacity of about 20kg / day is best for home use. Commercial meat slicers yield about 30-60 kg / hour on average. Large ones produce about 100-150kg / hour.

Tray Size

Think about how much space you have for the meat slicer. If you have a lot, don’t worry about tray size. If not, measure the size carefully before buying.

Also, choose the size of the meat slicer depending on how often you intend to use it.

Choose a smaller one if you only need it a few times a week. If you will need it more often, it’s better to go for a large-sized machine because large machines are faster and more powerful. 

Construction Material

You need a highly durable unit that will last years without needing repair. The top three in this review are such units. Sadly, durability comes with a price.

More expensive slicers are more durable and can be counted on for a long time. Of course, the price isn’t the only factor. The most expensive meat slicer might not be the best quality or the most durable.

Read reviews and check the product specifications to make a smart, informed choice. Don’t choose plastic slicers. Stainless steel slicers are much more durable and reliable that plastic slicers. 


Expensive commercial meat slicers usually have a large capacity motor. They can operate reliably for a long time and are often large so they can cut many foods.

These units often have a long shelf life due to the fact that they’re equipped with special features and they are usually made of good materials.

You could opt for a cheaper, smaller commercial slicer if you do not need to use it regularly. 

How To Use An Electric Meat Slicer

This section includes a step by step guide on how to use electric meat slicers.

Before you start, you need to clean the machine. To do that, mix some water with dishwashing liquid.

Turn the unit on and put a basin for the water at the bottom of the output position of the device. Then, pour the water and liquid mixture into the working blade.

Keep doing this to completely clean the blades off the oil or any dirt that is still sticking to them.

At the end, rinse the blades with clean water several times to wash off any dishwashing liquid that is still on the blade.

Now, you can get to cutting. Once the machine has been cleaned properly, use a knife to cut meat into smaller pieces so that it will fit if you have a smaller unit. Skip this step for larger units. 

After you have finished slicing meat, you have to clean the machine again. It’s very important. Wash and clean the machine, and dry it well after that.

This needs to be done especially if the slicer’s blade is made of wind steel, making it a prime candidate for rust. This is crucial work to keep the blades sharp and working efficiently.

Different Grade Levels

In basic terms, there are three different grade levels—manual slicers, semi-automatic slicers, and automatic slicers.

They come in two formats: gravity and vertical feed. The vast majority of manufacturers make three versions of models—light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

They could also offer economy and premium versions of each model depending on features. Basically, you decide what options and/or accessories you want once you figure out what power and size of the unit you need.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is The Best Commercial Meat Slicer?

Apart from the three reviewed here, some good slicers are also Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer, Nesco FS-250 180-watt Food Slicer, Best Choice Products New 10″ Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer, and Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic 130 Watt Die-Cast-Aluminum Electric Food Slicer.

How is slice thickness set on a commercial meat slicer?

Most slicers have a wide range of slicing thickness options.  

What are the commercial meat slicer manufacturers?

Apart from those reviewed here, there are Chef’s Choice, Best Choice, Nesco, Elite Gourmet, Vevor, BESWOOD, Giantex, Tangkula, Smartxchoices, Berkel, KWS, Super Deal, and Della. 

Can You Use A Meat Slicer To Cut Cheese?

A good food slicer can slice everything quite well, including cheese, vegetables, and even hard, partially frozen meat. Each food slice would get a clean edge.

On that note, this is another advantage of a meat slicer. Using one also helps the food look more presentable and better apart from saving time and energy. 

Can You Cut Frozen Meat With A Meat Slicer?

If the meat is completely frozen, you risk damaging the slicer. Is a meat slicer worth it?

It’s much easier to slice the meat if it is chilled. Uncooked steak, fish, or other meat with an uneven texture is a bit trickier.

If you want to save money, a good knife will get the job done in lieu of a slicer, but having one will make the process of cutting all sorts of foods much easier, both in your commercial kitchen and at home.

A food slicer is a great investment for large families who cut meats, cheeses, breads, fruits and vegetables often.

Will a meat slicer cut through bone?

Meat Slicer will break before being able to cut bone. Even if you manage to cut bone with the meat slicer, the slicer will be rendered worthless shortly after.

We encourage you to use a bone saw to cut through bone because meat slicers are not designed to cut through it. 

How do you clean a commercial meat slicer?

As an alternative to our previous suggestion, you can make 2 sprays: A dishwashing liquid spray and one of clean water. Remove the blades. Turn on the machine and spray the parts inside the blades.

At the bottom of the output position of the device you put a basin to catch the water. Reinstall the blades. Notice that there is a comb in the middle of the distance between the two blades.

Begin cleaning the meat tray after cleaning the blade parts. Dry all parts of the machine with a towel. Lubricate the body and engine of the machine. After cleaning, leave in a dry place.

How do you preserve commercial meat slicers?

Place the meat slicer in a dry and cool place. Avoid damp places as excessive moisture can damage parts.

If you aren’t going to use the machine for a while, take the comb out of it, clean it and place it in a cool place. You need to clean it thoroughly. 

10 Best Commercial Meat Slicer Machines For Deli Business
Rust might appear if the blade of the meat slicer is not used for a long time. That’s why we recommend stainless steel blades. Nonetheless, we understand these might exceed your budget.

If you have a regular blade, cut a peeled pineapple in half, then put it in the meat slicer. It will help the blade stay sharp and get rid of rust. Any acidic fruit will do: orange, lemon, or lime. 

How do you sharpen a meat slicer blade?

Manufacturers tell us to sharpen blades “as often as needed,” which could mean as often as three times a shift for slicers that are used constantly. You need to sharpen the blade if it starts breaking or tearing meat or producing inconsistent slices.

Manufacturers normally provide slicers with a sharpener. Some have a 360° blade ring-guard for higher food safety and apply remote sharpeners on heavy-duty slicers.

Heavy and medium- duty slicers usually have a removable sharpener that is constantly attached to the machine or snaps on the blade guard.