Exmark Vs. Toro (Key Differences & Pricing)

If you’re trying to decide whether to buy the Exmark vs. Toro for your next lawn mower, you’ve narrowed it down to two great choices. Toro mowers are great for the average-sized mowing job, and Exmark mowers are perfect for jobs of all sizes. This article will help you compare all the essential key differences between the two mowers so you can easily decide which of them is right for you. 

When deciding between Exmark vs. Toro for your next mower, Exmark gives you the best value for the price. Although their price range is higher, they are longer lasting than Toro mowers. They also provide more engine power, larger decks, and longer warranties. Overall, Exmark brings better value, durability, and convenience. 

What Is the Difference Between Exmark Vs. Toro on Features?

Before you make your final decision, it’s helpful to compare the main differences in each mower’s features. In this section, we’ll help you determine which mower is best based on its differences in features. 

1. Engine Power

The engine power is one of the most important differences to consider when deciding whether the Exmark or Toro is the better option. The Exmark has impressive horsepower ranging from 23 to 27. However, Toro has options that can provide up to 60 HP. 

Toro 60HP lawn mower

Exmark’s engine power range is sufficient to handle the everyday tasks of a mower. However, it isn’t the option that will provide you with the most engine power. If you’re looking to choose the option that offers the most power, choosing one of Toro’s models with a higher horsepower would be the best option for you. 

2. Wheel Drive

You should also consider the difference in the wheel drive systems of the two mowers. Toro mowers are equipped with an automatic wheel drive system, while Exmark mowers feature hydrostatic systems. 

The ultimate decision between the two will fall mainly on the experience you prefer, as each system has its own list of pros and cons. 

An automatic wheel drive system uses belts to transfer power to the wheels, which is efficient but may require dealing with faulty belts. Hydro systems are also efficient, but they require maintaining hydraulic fuel levels. 

If you want a proven and familiar wheel drive system, go with a Toro mower. However, if you’re willing to adjust something new, an Exmark may provide a new and improved experience. 

3. Price

The price of the mower is one of the most important considerations for most when they’re looking for their next mower. Exmark mowers start at $4800 but can go up to $21000 depending on the model you choose. Toro mowers start at $3000 and go up to 30000. 

Toro mowers have a lower starting price, but they are smaller mowers that are missing several of the advanced features of Exmark options. 

So if you’re looking to get a great mower on the lowest budget possible, the Toro is the better option. However, an Exmark is best if you want the best value for the money spent. 

4. Reliability

Given the price of buying a new mower, it’s essential to ensure you choose the most reliable option. Otherwise, what could be an excellent investment will become a significant loss. 

To determine which of these mowers is the most reliable option, you should focus on how the mowers are known to last. When looking at this, there is a significant gap in their life expectancy. 

On average, Exmark mowers are known to last up to 3500 hours, while Toros are only expected to last approximately 1000 hours. So, an Exmark mower would undoubtedly be more reliable than a Toro. 

5. Maintenance

Given the differences in these mowers, the maintenance required to keep them running efficiently will also vary. One of the most significant differences is the upkeep of the transmission and drive system. However, the maintenance for each system will be about the same in terms of things to maintain, even though the processes will vary. 

The Toro and Exmark are both low-maintenance machines with a broad availability of parts to support them. This is a wonderful thing to know, but it does not make the decision easier. 

6. Cutting Width

The mower’s cutting width could impact which mower will better meet your needs. For example, a wider cutting width will help you cover more ground in less amount of time. However, a wider cutting width will also require a more expansive deck, which could be inconvenient when cutting in tight areas. 

If you choose a Toro mower, you’ll have options for the cutting width that range between 48” and 52”. While this range is impressive, Exmark offers options that go up to 70”. 

So, if you want to cover as much ground in as little time as possible, an Exmark mower is the best way to go.

7. Charging Capacity

The charging capacity considers the voltage and how many hours you can operate your mower without the battery needing a recharge. When you compare the charging capacity of Toro and Exmark mowers, you won’t find a difference. 

Both mowers are equipped with 12-volt batteries. Additionally, the batteries each have 35 amp hours, which means they can last up to 35 hours before the battery needs to be recharged. 

So, in terms of charging capacity, both mowers are equal. 

8. Starter

When considering buying one of these mowers, you should also consider the type of starter the mower uses. After all, your intention when looking for a new mower is most likely to find one that will start and run when you need it to. 

When it comes to starters, Toro mowers use electric starters. Therefore, if you were to make the choice based on the starter alone, Toro would be your choice. 

9. Warranty

Lastly, the warranty length offered when you buy the mower is essential. While your mower is under warranty, you will not be responsible for fixing the things covered by the warranty. 

Toro only offers a 3- warranty, while Exmark provides a much more inclusive 5-year warranty. So, when it comes to the warranties, choosing an Exmark mower is a no-brainer. This would keep a good amount of extra stress off your shoulders for five years. 

Exmark Vs. Toro: Which One to Choose Finally?

When it comes down to it, both mowers could be a great choice depending on the work you need them to handle. However, this breakdown will help you determine which of them offers everything you need and gives you the best overall value. 

A Toro mower could be great for you if you want to stick to the lowest budget possible and have a small to average-sized yard. However, there are many things you’ll miss out on. 

While Exmark mowers have a higher price tag, they are known to outlast Toro mowers by thousands of working hours. In addition, the hydrostatic wheel drive system of Exmark mowers offers many modern advantages. 

Some Exmark models can also provide a ton more engine power than you’ll get out of Toro mowers. The most engine power you’ll find in Toro mowers is around 27 HP, while Exmark has options that can provide up to 60 HP. 

You’ll also get a longer, more inclusive warranty when you buy an Exmark mower. Not to mention the larger deck options. These industrial-level mowers can significantly decrease the amount of time you spend cutting. 

Overall, Exmark mowers last longer, provide more engine power, and has many more features than Toro mowers. So if you want the best value for the money you spend, Exmark is the superior option. 

Product Recall

As can be expected with any form of machinery, manufacturing issues have resulted in the necessity of a recall on both Exmark and Toro lawnmowers. 

The Exmark faced issues with the fuel line. Its poor placement resulted in holes in the line, which were catching fire when fuel leaked. The good thing is there were no injuries due to this issue, and it has since been corrected.

Another issue they had was due to exhaust fumes carrying fuel vapors that caught fire when the engine backfired. This resulted in the recall of around 21,000 mowers. 

The Toro walk-behind mower was built with the wrong blade; therefore, the blades could break, creating a dangerous hazard. This resulted in a recall of around 900 in the United States and Canada. 

Altogether, both have had significant recalls. However, these issues have since been corrected by the manufacturers. 


Exmark vs. Toro can be a difficult decision when you’re choosing your next mower. But, if you choose wisely, you’ll find that you’ve made an excellent investment that last and meets all your needs. 

As you can see, both mowers have features suitable for handling most average jobs. However, Exmark outdoes Toro on many of the essential features you may need for bigger jobs, including engine power and reliability. 

If you’re looking for a low-price mower that covers the basics, you’ll be happy with a Toro mower. But, if you want a mower that can tackle any task you need to accomplish, you’re much better off spending a bit more for an Exmark mower.

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