8 Ferris Zero Turn Mowers Problems You Must Know About

Although any mower of any brand can have its fair share of issues, there are some pretty common problems associated with Ferris zero-turn mowers, especially if you’ve been using your mower for a while.

Luckily, not all these issues are serious, and all have solutions you can try to fix the problem.

With Ferris Zero Turn mowers, there are some problems — namely start-up issues, uneven cuts, difficulty mowing wet grass, wild vibrating, faulty brakes, hydro-gear system problems, an engine that doesn’t run well, and traction issues — you might face. Their solutions vary, but it’s possible you’ll need to clean out components, replace parts, or, at the very worst, take it in to be serviced by a professional.

Our helpful guide will walk you through each issue to help you understand the cause and then point you in the right direction with a viable solution. Let’s get started.

Common Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems and Their Solutions

If you’ve ever used a lawn mower, Ferris brand or otherwise, you know that problems are bound to crop up eventually.

With Ferris Zero Turn mowers, there are a few commonly reported problems that customers face, usually after years of their mower working like a charm.

Some of the most common issues include:

  • Problems starting up
  • Cuts that aren’t even
  • Trouble mowing grass when it’s wet
  • Constant vibrating
  • Brakes that stop working
  • Hydro-gear system issues
  • An engine that runs poorly
  • Issues with traction

Let’s take a deep dive into these issues and their respective fixes.

Problem #1: Your Ferris Zero Turn mower is having starting issues.

Nobody wants a lawn mower that can’t even start.

If your mower isn’t starting up right, there could be a handful of culprits at fault. Before starting, you should:

  • Make sure the mower has a full tank of fresh gas
  • Take a look at the carburetor and hydraulic system to see if anything looks off
  • Check that the mower’s energy level is sufficient

Keep in mind that clogged mower parts can cause your mower to have difficulty starting. For example, the gas the mower needs to run could be restricted or hindered by fuel parts that are clogged. Even if there’s not a visible blockage, fuel components that are faulty or malfunctioning will ensure your mower won’t start up as it should. For clogged or broken fuel parts, all you’ll have to do is replace them to fix the issue.

Another area you might find a blockage is the air filter. If air is restricted, the Ferris Zero Turn can have problems starting up. Check to see if anything is amiss in the air filter. If so, you shouldn’t have any trouble replacing it, which very well might solve your problem.

If your mower’s battery is old or faulty, the resulting electrical problems can lead to your lawnmower not starting up. If that’s the case, invest in a new battery. In a similar vein, if your Ferris can’t charge or won’t hold a charge, it won’t start up either.

With a mower that won’t start up, you could also be facing weak connections or faulty electrical parts. Most, if not all, of these electrical parts, can be replaced, but take the mower to your local dealer if you’re still having issues.

Problem #2: You’re getting uneven cuts when you mow.

It’s fair to assume when you use the zero-turn mower that you’re expecting level, even cuts on your lawn. However, if that’s not the case, you might be facing some issues that should be fixed as soon as they’re noticed.

Luckily, this particular problem isn’t as serious as some of the other issues we’ll mention. For uneven cuts, the main problem could very well be the blades. If your mower’s blades are worn, damaged, or just dull, you probably won’t see the gorgeous, even cuts you’re looking for when it comes time to mow the lawn.

The solution for this is easy enough: Just replace the blades if they’re broken. If the blades aren’t sharp enough, you can sharpen them for a cleaner cut.

If your blades are in perfect condition, though, the problem might be with your method. If you mow the lawn too quickly, your rows can look messy or uneven. Likewise, if you’re not overlapping the rows sufficiently, you might notice some uneven cuts, too.

To steer clear of messy, uneven cuts, try leveling the mower’s deck before you start. You might also need to clean it out or, in the worst-case scenario, repair or replace it.

Problem #3: Your Ferris Zero Turn mower has difficulty when mowing wet grass.

If you find that your Ferris Zero Turn lawn mower has trouble cutting wet grass, you’re not alone. This is a pretty commonly cited problem among mowers.

There are a few things to check out if you’re having this issue with your mower.

Start by taking a peek at the lawn mower’s engine. The problem could involve the spark plugs or the fuel mix, especially if you see that the oil level is too high.

Most times, you can sharpen the mower’s blades or try to slow the engine to fix this issue. Adjusting the choke and cleaning the air filter can help, too.

If you troubleshoot and still can’t seem to cut wet grass with your Ferris Zero Turn mower, take it to a licensed mechanic or dealer to diagnose and fix the problem.

Problem #4: You’re noticing a continuous vibration when you use your mower.

It’s inevitable for a Ferris Zero Turn mower to vibrate or shake a little when you’re using it. The mower has many components, and a bit of vibration isn’t a cause for panic. Your mower will vibrate with a higher frequency when you’re mowing at lower speeds.

Still, if you find your mower is vibrating wildly, there could be a problem.

Start by trying to adjust the choke or throttle to see if that stops the wild vibrating. You can also try making sure the blades are angled in the right way for optimal mowing.

If the problem persists, you might need to get your mower serviced at a licensed dealer.

Problem #5: Your Ferris Zero Turn mower’s brake isn’t working.

Unfortunately, a mower without a working brake is one of the most serious issues on our list.

Broken brakes are dangerous, and if you use a mower without a working brake, there’s a chance you could get hurt (or hurt someone else).

Usually, a non-working brake is due to one of two reasons: Either the brakes aren’t adjusted the right way, or the brake calipers are worn-out.

Before you take it in to be serviced, evaluate the mower on your own. You can always replace the calipers. You can also make sure the blades are properly adjusted (and give it double-check, just to be sure).

Problem #6: Your mower is having problems with its hydro gear system.

In nearly all Ferris Zero Turn mowers, you’ll find a hydrostatic transmission. That being said, it’s not uncommon to discover your mower is having problems with its hydrogear system.

If that’s the issue, it’s because of a problem with the pump. For example, the pump isn’t able to generate enough pressure. 

If your mower is having problems with its hydro-gear system, more likely than not, you’re having the issue because the pump is full of air as opposed to oil, and the air is getting into the transmission.

To remedy this, move the control lever out of the neutral position. Carefully disengage the brakes and clutch. For five seconds, push the motion control levers forward. For five more seconds, hold it in place.

After this quick process, any air in the transmission system should be forced out.

To test it, turn off the Ferris Zero Turn mower’s engines and attempt to relaunch it by starting it up again. With a little luck, it should be working in no time.

Problem #7: Your lawn mower’s engine is running poorly.

Although your lawn mower may be technically working, an engine that isn’t running properly spells trouble for your Ferris Zero Turn mower.

If that’s the case, take a look at the spark plugs and the fuel mix. It’s possible that the mixture of gas could be too high. In a similar vein, it could be that the spark plug gaps are too large to work properly.

To remedy this issue, start by cleaning the mower’s air filter. Adjust the choke and,  afterward, completely reset the spark plug’s gap. If all goes as it should, the mower should run better now.

Problem #8: Your Ferris Zero Turn mower is having some traction problems.

Traction is hugely important with regard to mowers, and you definitely don’t want to be doubting the traction.

If you’ve used your mower for a while, you might start to notice some traction problems.

Start by checking out your mower’s deck. If the deck looks to still be in great shape, that eliminates one potential problem.

If the deck is fine, it could very well be the blades that are causing the traction issues. Go ahead and replace the blades and that should fix any traction issues.

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