Greenworks vs. EGO Lawn Mower (Key Differences & Pricing)

Buying a lawn mower should be a simple job, right? Well, due to the sheer number of mowers and companies in the market today, you’re talking about hundreds of lawn mowers.

Still, don’t let the number of choices scare you.

To narrow it down a bit, we’re going to evaluate two worthy companies: Greenworks vs. EGO. In terms of power, its bells and whistles, cutting and adjustability, and up-front price, Greenworks is the winner. However, that’s not to say that you should discount EGO’s mowers.

Let’s dive into it.

Greenworks ModelGreenworks PriceEGO ModelEGO Price
16” Corded$10021” Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Touch Drive LM2125SP$500
20” 12A Corded$21521” Push Lawn Mower LM2114$500
17” Cordless$30021” Select Cut XP with Speed IQ LM2167SP$579
20” Cordless$35042” Zero-Turn with E-Steer ZT4205S$5,500
PRO Cordless$400Z6 52” Zero-Turn Mower ZT5207L$7,000

Greenworks vs. EGO Lawn Mower (Key Differences, Pricing & More)

With regard to Greenworks vs. EGO lawn mowers, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of battery-powered mowers, as well as the key differences between the two: battery life, the bells and whistles offered, durability, power, cutting and adjustability, maneuverability, maintenance and cost, and their respective company warranty.

Let’s start with some pros and cons of these battery-powered lawn mowers.

Pros and Cons of Battery-Powered Mowers

In the world of lawn mowers, battery-powered mowers are on the up and up. They’re more popular than ever, and these days, it’s trendy to have a mower that’s powered by batteries. However, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Let’s break down the key advantages and disadvantages of this type of mower(source)

Pros of battery-powered mowers

Nowadays, sustainability is more important than ever. Eco-friendly vehicles, make-up products, and even tools are made to be more sustainable, including mowers.

Battery-powered mowers don’t give off any emissions. These mowers have a low carbon footprint. Plus, you won’t be breathing in fumes or risk spilling gas.

This type of mower is also quieter. In general, lawnmowers are loud and have the ability to wake up the entire neighborhood the minute you start mowing. Many people even wear earplugs to protect their hearing. Well, that’s not necessary with battery-powered mowers. There’s much less noise involved. In fact, these mowers are so quiet you can barely hear them when you mow.

Lastly, battery-powered mowers are easier to start up and store once you’re finished mowing. If you’ve ever used a traditional mower that needs fuel to run, you know that you have to yank the cord multiple times just to get it to kick on. With battery-powered mowers, all you have to do is connect the battery, mash a button, and the mower will start up automatically. How nice is that?

Cons of battery-powered mowers

There are a few disadvantages to battery-powered mowers that you should be aware of.

First off, they’re usually more expensive than traditional, gas-powered lawn mowers. That’s because, in part, the battery used is more pricey. Battery-powered mowers use a lithium-ion battery, which costs more.

Battery-powered mowers are also not as durable as traditional lawn mowers. The component that protects you by covering the blades — known as a “deck” — is often made out of plastic with battery-powered mowers. As a result, this type of mower is more at risk for damage from rocks (or other things the lawn mower wasn’t made to run over). If the plastic deck is cracked or damaged, the battery-powered mower is rendered totally unfunctional.

Although the battery component of battery-powered lawn mowers is a huge draw for people in the market for a mower, the battery notion can also be a disadvantage. At the end of the day, batteries have a specific lifetime. After that, they’re done for. Depending on your lawn’s size, you won’t be able to mow the entire yard in one trip. Keep in mind, charging a battery-powered mower takes some time, too.

Besides the general pros and cons of battery-powered mowers, mowers made by certain brands have their respective advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to battery-powered lawn mowers, let’s take a look at Greenworks vs. EGO lawn mowers to see how they stack up against each other.

Greenworks vs. EGO Lawn Mower: Breakdown

Both Greenworks and EGO are both respected companies known for producing excellent lawn mowers. Still, they have a few key differences worth noting if you’re deciding between the two. So, how do Greenworks vs. EGO lawn mowers match up? We’ll compare two popular options: the Greenworks 80V vs. the EGO 56V.

Since each brand has multiple mowers, we’ll evaluate two well-known, best-selling lawn mowers. For Greenworks, that’ll be the Pro 80V Cordless 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. For EGO, we’ll take a look at the 56V POWER+ 21-inch Self-Propelled Mower.

Battery life

When it comes to battery-powered lawn mowers, battery life is a pretty important aspect to consider.

EGO POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower

Both the EGO POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower and the Greenworks 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower have a battery life that lasts up to an hour. However, one thing makes these two stand out from each other with regard to their battery life: the number of batteries.

While the Greenworks mower relies on two separate batteries, EGO’s mower only needs one. This can affect how easy it is to charge the mower since Greenworks has two separate chargers for its respective batteries. On top of that, you’ll need two free wall plugs instead of one.

Either way, if you’re trying to extend your mower’s battery life, steer clear of the self-propelled function. This function will completely drain the battery, and fast. Although self-propelled functions are convenient, they might not be worth it if you’re trying to save the battery.

In terms of batteries and battery life, EGO seems to have the upper hand with its consolidated battery system.

Bells and whistles

Every good lawn mower should have some bells and whistles — the additional, extra special features that make it stand out from all the other mowers.

However, it’s no good if these extra features aren’t useful.

Luckily, Greenworks’ mowers’ bells and whistles are worth it. Some of the most notable features of the 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower include the onboard battery indicator and the seven-position height adjustment. With this lawn mower, you’ll also have top-of-the-line LED headlights, a turbo button that’ll send your mower to its top speed, and EZ fold handles, perfect for easy storage and transportation. All of these features stand out as useful and worth the hype.

With the EGO POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower, its special, added features are helpful but don’t stand out as impressively as the Greenworks’ additional features do. The most noteworthy features include the six-position cutting height adjustments, a push-to-start button (as opposed to the pull-to-start mowers), decent headlights, and its effective foldability for storage.

In terms of getting the most bells and whistles for your buck, the Greenworks 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled lawn mower is the best choice.


In terms of lawn mowers, one of their most vulnerable areas that are prone to breaking is the deck. As mentioned earlier, the deck is essentially meant to protect you from the blades while also protecting the engine from tough roots or rocks that can wreck it. 

With traditional mowers that run on gas, the decks are usually made from materials like metal. With battery-powered lawn mowers, however, the decks are usually made of plastic. That’s where Greenworks stands out.

Instead of plastic, the deck of the 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower is made of steel. EGO’s POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower, however, has a deck made of plastic. So in terms of durability, the EGO mower is more susceptible to damage and stress.

The Greenworks mower also has fewer working parts. EGO’s mower has extra components, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in terms of durability, they make it more vulnerable. The extra parts equate to more breakable pieces and also add more weight.

The only place where EGO might win in a durability contest is due to how bulky it is. It may be slightly more durable on the outside, but its inner parts are the main vulnerability here.

Although they’re both decently durable, it’s less likely the Greenworks mower is a safer bet.


In terms of power, the battery is responsible for generating enough voltage to power the lawn mower.

Greenworks’ 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower

With Greenworks’ 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower, you’ll be working with two batteries. Both batteries have around 4 ampere hours (Ah) of power, respectively. In total, Greenworks’ lawn mower has about 8 Ah of power.

On the other hand, EGO’s POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower has only a single battery. The battery offers around 7.5 Ah of power, a bit less than Greenworks’ mower.

The one downside to the EGO POWER+, besides the 0.5 Ah loss of power, is that it doesn’t have a brushless motor (although EGO does offer a 20-inch with a brushless motor). The main advantages of brushless mowers are that they last longer, don’t need as much upkeep, and are less noisy.

Cutting and adjustability

Cutting and adjustability are critical to consider since both lawn mowers were made for one main purpose: cutting grass to keep your lawn in shape.

With Greenworks’ 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower, you’ll be treated to a seven-position height adjustment. On the other hand, EGO’s POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower has a six-position height adjustment.

However, don’t let your decision ride on their cutting and adjustability capabilities. Both Greenworks and EGO only have a difference of about a quarter inch in terms of the maximum cutting height they can achieve, which really isn’t much of a difference at all.

Consider Greenworks and EGO on the same level with regard to adjustability and cutting. But do these two brands offer the same maneuverability?


For starters, maneuverability is a very versatile metric for lawn mowers. Depending on your lawn or yard situation and what your personal needs are for a mower, one or the other might be better. The good news is you can’t really make a bad choice between these two options.

If you’re familiar with what these two lawn mowers look like, you might already know that EGO’s mowers are generally a bit bulky. So with the EGO POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower, it’s going to be heavier and more awkward in terms of maneuverability.

Even though it’s considered a bulkier option than most of Greenworks’ mowers, this EGO option uses a self-propelling motor, which means if you’re on flat terrain, you won’t have to push with all your strength; it moves pretty easily on flat ground.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Greenworks 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower. Generally speaking, Greenworks prides itself on crafting lightweight mowers, especially when compared to other lawn mowers in the industry. Because the mower is much lighter than EGO’s, it’s easier to maneuver and control in less simplistic situations.

For example, if you have a challenging mowing situation where you need a higher level of control, Greenworks will be better suited for the job.

That’s why the best choice for you is just that: the best choice for you. Consider your own mowing situation before choosing one over the other.

Maintenance and cost

Although this probably isn’t what you’d like to hear, both Greenworks and EGO lawn mowers usually require constant maintenance, despite these two options being battery-powered mowers. Keep in mind, though, that brushless motors generally need less maintenance than other types of mowers, so it’s always a good bet to invest in these brushless lawn mowers.

The Greenworks 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower — despite its steel deck — actually has less durability in terms of the maintenance of all its components. Due to its unique design, it can be a bit more challenging to repair and clean, making the overall maintenance more of a pain.

EGO, on the other hand, is a bit more sturdy. With the design of the POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower, you’ll have an easier time cleaning its parts, so it’ll take less effort and time to ensure it’s in good shape. The upkeep is definitely less of a hassle.

Because you’re less likely to need lots of maintenance with the EGO lawn mower, it’ll cost less over time since you won’t need to buy and replace parts as often.

The Greenworks mower will cost you more over the years since you’ll need to pay attention to the upkeep more, as well as replace parts more often.

So, in terms of maintenance and its cost, the EGO mower is probably the better option.

Company warranty

For Greenworks’ mowers, you’ll also get a 3- to 4-year warranty for the mower and a 2-year warranty for its batteries. Keep in mind that the warranty can vary slightly between models.

On the other hand, you’ll get a 3- to 5-year warranty for EGO lawn mowers. In terms of battery, EGO offers a 3-year battery warranty, which can also differ based on the model you’ve chosen.

In terms of company warranty, EGO’s is clearly a better deal. Still, you won’t want to buy a mower solely based on company warranty. A more important aspect to consider, arguably, is the price comparison between the two.

Price Comparison: Greenworks vs. EGO Lawn Mower

When comparing these two specific models, the Greenworks 80V 21-inch brushless self-propelled mower sells for about $400. EGO’s POWER+ 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower usually runs customers around $600, which is pretty significant.

Overall though — all things considered — EGO is the more expensive option. Even though it might not have as many upkeep costs, many people aren’t able to spend more just for convenience later on.

Greenworks is more affordable up-front and would be the better choice for those trying to be more budget-friendly.All in all, Greenworks is the overall better lawn mower for most people. Although your preference may differ based on your individual mowing situation, Greenworks is generally the way to go. It has a more impressive cutting and adjustability, more power, and is more affordable up-front. Typically, Greenworks’ mowers are also more durable in terms of parts and have more impressive bells and whistles.

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