Kubota L4701 Tractor (Problems, Specs & Pricing) 

Tractors are useful agricultural machinery for plowing, tilling, planting, and other farming tasks. The Kubota L4701 tractor is a go-to piece of equipment on the market for moving soil and land. With different specs in the engine, transmission, power, and other important features, the Kubota L4701 makes for a solid tractor purchase in almost any scenario. 

A brand new Kubota L4701 Tractor is generally priced at an average of $39,000 and houses quality specs. Common problems in a Kubota L4701 tractor can affect the engine, motor, diesel, and fuel. The solution for many of these problems involves routine maintenance and replacement of accessories or parts to ensure your tractor is functioning at full capacity. 

Whether you own the highly sought-after Kubota L4701 Tractor or happen to be considering a future purchase, it’s equally as important to understand key specs and common issues. Read on for an in-depth analysis on pricing and the other critical details you need to know as a Kubota L4701 owner. 

Kubota L4701 Specs 

The Kubota L4701 Tractor’s unique specifications include engine technology, impressive hydraulics, and useful accessorizing options such as loader attachments. Below, we will explain some of the important features and specifications worth highlighting for the Kubota L4701 tractor model: 


The first feature worth mentioning is the engine of Kubota’s L4701 tractor model. The engine is fully enclosed and screened within the engine compartment with an easy-access hood attached. This compact utility tractor houses a 2.4L 4-cyl diesel engine and its tractor power grossly averages 47.3 hp. 


The battery of a tractor is important to the overall performance, just like in a standard vehicle. Within Kubota’s L4701 tractor model, you’ll find a single battery works at a 12-volt capacity and with 600 cold-cranking amps. The batteries are built to last long and keep your tractor at peak performance while being advantageously under warranty. 

Fuel Capacity 

The fuel capacity of a tractor is important because it helps you determine the productivity and costs associated with fueling your equipment. In Kubota’s L4701 tractor model, a 13.5-gallon capacity can help you stay productive while working on a farm. 

3-Point Hitch

A category one 3-point hitch helps the operational aspect of the L4701 tractor model by aiding in lifting, lowering, and tilting. Many tractors don’t require the use of 3-point hitches, but those that do are to be used safely and efficiently to avoid accidents and harm to tractor users. The 3-point hitch on this model can also lift ​2870 lbs in the rear with position control. 


For transmission specs, brake quality, steering, gear function, and max speed are worth noting. In Kubota’s L4701 tractor model, a hydrostatic transmission system works with power steering, three forward and reverse gears, with mechanical wet disc-type brakes. The transmission’s maximum speed averages 15.8 mph. 


A hydraulic system within the L4701 tractor model houses 2560 psi in system pressure and a steady pump flow at a maximum of 7.8 gal/min. This system relies on oil for mechanical work to operate and help the tractor function properly and at full-strength capacity. 


A tractor’s mechanical system is important to consider. In the compact L4701 tractor model, the chassis can vary in whether it’s a two or four-wheel drive system. 

Typically, in a Kubota L4701 4WD, the four cylinders run on diesel with a maximum horsepower of 2600 rpm. Other models can vary in mechanical structuring. 


The charging system in the L4701 tractor model is an alternator with a negative ground, 40 charging amps, and twelve charging volts. Additionally, the battery’s cold cranking amps (CCA) average 600 with a single 12-volt battery. Depending on the weather and season, these electrical specifications may help you in choosing a worthwhile tractor. 

Tow Rating 

Tractors are useful in towing as well as other farming needs. The tow rating for the L4701 tractor model is a maximum of 6600 lb. and alternatively 1430 lb. while hitched. The weight of the tractor itself is 3307 lb, so choosing a towing system that works well can help you avoid accidents and mishaps while operating the tractor. 

Common Problems with Kubota L4701 

There are many specs and impressive features to note for the Kubota L4701 model tractor, but still, it is not absolved of common problems that can arise. Engine mishaps, steering problems, motor issues, diesel problems, and problems with tractor accessories are common problems in the Kubota L4701 model. 

Here’s more information on the common problems and the solutions that may help you resolve the issues if they arise while you use your Kubota tractor: 

Engine mishaps 

When the engine of any machine is not working properly, it can come with various problems that affect the overall performance of your equipment. For tractors, a common problem with the engine is that it loses power. 

If the oil level is too low or there’s too much oil, uneven fuel injectors could be what’s wrong with your tractor engine. In these situations, you’ll want to ensure the fuel injector pumps are not clogged. 

Additionally, you may need to change fuel injector pumps routinely and ensure the valves are not too tight or too loose so you may resolve engine malfunctions or mishaps. When cold weather affects your engine performance, service management with a professional engine repair expert may also help. 

Steering problems 

Steering wheels are used on tractors to navigate and steer agricultural machinery in different directions. However, steering wheel problems can cause issues in being able to maneuver and guide your tractor. 

Common solutions for this problem are to ensure the steering wheel cylinder does not have too much wear and tear. In this case, replacing the cylinder can help resolve the problem. Steering wheels also need oil to move, and you may need to add hydraulic oil to the tank. 

In other cases, the hydraulic steering cylinder may break and limit or restrict movement. Repairing or replacing the steering component can help resolve this issue quickly. 

Motor issues 

Like with any motor used on a farm or hot outdoor area, a Kubota L4701 model tractor can overheat. When it overheats or gets too hot, motor issues may be causing problems in your tractor’s performance. 

It’s important to carefully fill your tractor’s radiator with the right amount of fluid, and ensure the coolant level doesn’t get too low. Also, radiators need to be cleaned periodically. This can help keep your motor functioning properly and help you avoid motor issues that affect the use of your tractor. 

Diesel problems 

Understandably, using the wrong type of fuel or grading can affect the function and longevity of your machinery. If you use the wrong type of fuel, diesel problems or fuel transmission issues may cause your tractor to malfunction or stop working altogether. 

Kubota L4701 model tractors should be fuelled by petroleum with an API rank of CF. As long as the synthetic oil meets the requirements, your Kubota tractor model engines can operate. 

Fuel pump injectors also play a pivotal role in getting the fuel where it should be within the tractor. If the drive shaft breaks, your fuel pump could be affected and in turn, change the timing and delivery of the fuel line. 

Accessories problems 

Tractors have various pieces and moving parts that aid in overall function and performance. Accessories such as piston rings, tank vents, injection nozzles, and injection pumps may need replacing from time to time. 

Especially during seasons with high tractor use, these items and accessories may experience wear and tear. Avoiding the replacement of your tractor’s accessories can lead to different problems related to the use and function of the accessory. 

For example, not replacing a fuel injector pump causes an imbalance in the fuel mixture and affects other components of your tractor. Another example is piston rings that also need to be replaced from time to time to avoid the negative effects of wear and tear on your engine. 

When the rings are worn out, oil leaks into combustion chambers and causes you to use more oil than you need. Replacing and upkeeping tractor accessories may seem like a hassle, but these problems are typically easy to fix. 

Kubota L4701 Pricing 

The pricing of a compact model tractor such as the Kubota L4701 can vary. If you purchase a used model, the prices can range from $18,000 to $30,000 whereas a brand-new model is upwards of $39,000. 

Additionally, accessories such as clamps on pallet forks and other attachments can vary between $200 and $600 depending on the size and manufacturer’s quality. Diesel tanks are also useful to own when you have agricultural equipment such as tractors on your property. 

These tanks and fuel costs can vary depending on tank size and other factors. Tractor owners should also consider maintenance, routine repairs, cleaning products, and replacement items for their tractors when evaluating overall pricing and costs. 


Although there are common problems associated with maintaining and utilizing your Kubota L4701 model tractor, this agricultural machinery proves to be a solid investment for farmers and business owners alike. 

This model comes with valuable specs regarding the engine, transmission, fuel capacity, mechanics, battery, and other elements. Common problems of an L4701 model tractor to be aware of are steering issues, coolant and radiator issues, diesel and fueling malfunctions, and overheated motors. However, routine maintenance can help you avoid many of these scenarios and quickly fix any problems that may arise.

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