Who Makes PowerSmart Lawn Mowers? (How Good Are They)

If you own a home, you probably have a lawn that needs to be mowed every week or so. When you mow the lawn, you want to do the job right and have the lawn looking trimmed and neat. When it comes to the company who makes Powersmart lawn mowers, you may have found a solution to your mowing problem!

Powersmart is the company that makes Powersmart lawn mowers. These lawn mowers are best suited for small to medium yards. They are well-manufactured motors, easy to maneuver, and affordable. Additionally, their products are push-mowers that do not require a high learning curve to assemble, and they are easy to locate and buy in the U.S. Overall, most customers who have purchased PowerSmart lawn mowers are happy with their selections. 

Who Makes PowerSmart LawnMowers? (How Good Are They) 

As you read along, you’ll learn about who manufactures PowerSmart lawn mowers and more about the company, Powersmart. We’ll go into their other products available for purchase and where they’re shipped from, as their distributor is Amerisun, Inc. You’ll also get information about where you can buy one, their reliability, and possible alternatives you may consider purchasing instead.

Who Produces PowerSmart Lawn Mowers?

As the name suggests, Powersmart is the company who makes Powersmart motors. Powersmart specializes in just about every type of yard-based tool you need. All of these products are suitable and created for outdoor work in any weather condition.

Other than lawnmowers, this company has several other products you can buy. If you like PowerSmart lawn mowers, you may be interested in their extensive range of additional products and accessories. 

They also manufacture snow blowers, garden tools, generators, and power tools. They even provide yard cleanup tools to tidy up the mess after you’re done working on a project.

Where Do PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Come From?

Powersmart is based in the United States. They were founded in 2005, and both its headquarters and founding place are located in Itasca, Illinois. But if you don’t live in Illinois, don’t worry because they have several service stations across the country.

If you need to find a service location, they have a search tool on their website where you can find the place nearest to you. With over 50 service stations, Powersmart has expanded to meet the business needs of those looking for affordable yard supplies. Since yard supplies are their specialty, you can find the exact tool or machinery that you’re looking for.

Are PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Reliable?

Powersmart lawn mowers have a history of being reliable. On average, the lawn mower received 4.3 out of 5 stars. The engine, which is the most important part, holds up well. The Powersmart lawn mower is covered by a 3-year warranty if reliability ever comes into question.

The Powersmart lawn mower is simple yet powerful but mostly for basic yard work. It will be less reliable if you try to do jobs outside of its scope, such as very big yards that are more likely to run out of the engine.

In any case, generators, snow blowers, garden tools, and power tools all have a 2-year warranty. Lawnmowers like the Powersmart have a more extended warranty of 3 years. So, if anything goes wrong, you can look up the service location, and Powersmart can take it from there!

If you want more general information about lawnmowers and mowing safety precautions, view these guidelines provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

About the Manufacturers

Though there is no single clear founder of the company who makes Powersmart lawnmowers, there are several partners of Powersmart USA. Amerisun Inc. is the distributor for the lawnmowers, which also has a location in Illinois.

Powersmart has been officially reviewed in the news by Woodsmith, naming Powersmart “The Leading Portable Generators for Emergency Power.” The company also received positive official reviews from Garden Gate, L. A. Times, and Mippin.

They are also partnered with pretty much every major credit card company to make it easy for customers to purchase. They even accept virtual payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal.

The manufacturers of Powersmart are thorough with all their products, not just lawnmowers. They have several maintenance guide videos for new or interested customers. 

You can learn things like how to add or remove engine oil and drain fuel. The best part is, this information is coming straight from Powersmart, making the tutorials the most reliable for the specific product you’re using. 

The manufacturers are also active in yard work, just like consumers. They take a hands-on approach, and every product is tested before it is put on the market. That is how the company is able to anticipate needs with this hands-on, interactive business model.

Where Can I Purchase A PowerSmart Lawn Mower?

You can buy Powersmart lawnmowers directly online at their website and get it shipped to your home. If you would like to find one offline, you can check Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, or your local hardware store.

If you buy the Powersmart online, please consider the shipping costs ahead of time. You can also purchase a Powersmart motor on Amazon, but you may still have to consider additional shipping costs, depending on the listing or if you have Amazon Prime. Overall, it is best to buy directly from Powersmart.

In addition to reliable product quality, you can take advantage of the manufacturing warranty when you shop with PowerSmart directly. Keep in mind that, when purchasing from a retailer or third-party seller online, you may not be covered by these protections. Review the warranty requirements before you make your purchase, and choose who you purchase from according to the information you find. 

Which PowerSmart lawn mower is the best?

The best Powersmart lawn mower is the PowerSmart Cordless Lawn Mower. It runs on 40 volts with a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery and comes with a charger. Overall, customers are satisfied with this product, giving it an average 4.2 rating on Amazon.com.

The cordless Powersmart lawn mower is the best because of its name; there is no pesky cord to get in your way while you work on the grass! You can charge it and have a fuller range without having to worry about finding a power outlet while using it.

It can run for about forty minutes on a full battery. You can get through about one-third of an acre in that amount of time, depending on the amount of work you have to do. Since it’s a push-mower, it’s lightweight, and customers in the past have found it easy to maneuver.

What PowerSmart lawn mower alternatives are the best?

The best alternatives to the PowerSmart lawn mowers include brands such as Black and Decker, Kohler, and Dewalt. Though Powersmart is in its own category, there are several other electric and gas-powered alternatives that you can check out. 

Black and Decker, for example, makes a comparable cordless lawn mower (model CM2043C) like the cordless Powersmart. This is the best Powersmart lawn mower by user rating, so finding an alternative to this model in another brand will likely be the smartest purchase. If you’re looking for a similar set of features when shopping for another product, the CM2043C is Black and Decker’s best alternative.

Kohler and Dewalt also have comparable lawnmowers at about the same level of reliability and price point. They can be found online almost anywhere at Amazon, Walmart, or Home Depot, similar to PowerSmart products. 

These are only a few of the most well-known brands. It’s possible to find more suitable alternatives from other brands after completing research online. 

To help you in your search, decide if you want to buy an electric or gas mower. Gas is more common, but electric models are more sustainable. You can view a comprehensive list of electric lawnmowers and their prices here.


If you’ve ever heard of PowerSmart lawn mowers or tried them yourself, you may share a positive outlook on the brand like many other customers. Along with high-quality lawn mowers, the company also offers a range of additional lawn care products and accessories. 

Based on their solid reputation, you may have wondered about the company who makes PowerSmart lawn mowers. In short, the answer to this question is PowerSmart and Amerisun Inc. is the distributor. 

If you want to buy a Powersmart product, you can rest assured it’s a reliable, affordable option. It can meet and exceed normal weekly or bi-weekly lawn upkeep for your general lawn needs. The Powersmart lawn mower also has a great warranty from a company that has been servicing the public for almost two decades.

We hope this guide was helpful in providing background on the companies responsible for designing, manufacturing, and distributing the popular PowerSmart lawn mowers. For more information about their products or to contact support, visit their official website. 

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