How to Start an Eyelash Extension Business | Detailed Guide

As the demand for fake eyelashes is immensely increasing over the period, it is anticipated that the industry will be worth above 1.1 billion dollars by 2025. The growing trend is causing a trigger in potential entrepreneurs to start providing eyelash extension services. 

Eyelash extensions are adored not only by women but also men as they give a very luscious appeal and edge to one’s persona. The advancement of damage-free lash extension procedures also contributes to the growth of this specific industry.

Starting an eyelash extension business requires a proper plan, guidance from professionals, authority and licensing, financial budgeting, high-quality assets, and a team of experienced staff to execute the most favorable outcomes, the right way of marketing, and setting up a salon at an ideal location with excellent products.

You can only ace in eyelash extension venture by understanding your business, customers’ needs, and your income goals.

It is necessary to solicit a proper investment plan and the expected income on a particular budget. Plus, understand all the legalities imposed by your state before starting an eyelash business.

How to Start an Eyelash Extension Business

1. Analyze and Write A Business Plan

Before starting an eyelash extension business, planning is a must. Understand what services you are going to provide and how you will target the right market.

The other essential element is to estimate your finances and making a budgeting plan. It is a must to identify the amount you want to spend and the profits you want to gain on investments.

Understanding Your Capabilities

First, you must understand your capabilities and skills in carrying out a job. Learn the details of eyelash extension businesses and how you are going to execute services. Getting the help of professionals can be significantly assisting in learning the required set of skills.

Estimating the Finance

Before starting a business, it is necessary to make a proper plan regarding all the money work. The lash extension business can be costly if you are renting a place and purchasing imported supplies.

Moreover, the hiring cost of the team and maintaining all the daily chores will also require a good amount of money. The business will also need to pay taxes and liabilities. So, create a budgeting plan or take the help of financial advisors if required. If you need a business loan, get a quote here.

Targeted Market

It is a fundamental aspect before commencing a new venture to identify your targeted market. You must gain knowledge about the potential consumers and how to attract them.

Research Competitors

A business entrepreneur can learn a lot from its competitor. If there is already a popular business in the field of lash extension, make sure to take their information and help your business. Also, avoid any errors that are causing problems in their companies to prevent any uncertainties.

2.Licensing Obligations and Public Health Laws

To practice legally, understand the licensing of your state regarding the permission to provide eyelash extension services. Some states require the eyelash extension service provider to be licensed cosmetologists or estheticians. Knowing the legal rules and regulations of your condition will give better guidance.

Lash Extension Business License

For starting a lash extension salon, it is necessary to get a registered LLC and IRC. By holding a limited liability company, the business owner gets a shield from personal liability for the company’s debts.

A Federal, State, and Local License

Getting a federal, state, or local license will assist you in operating a lash extension business in your area. Additionally, it will enable you to file the taxes and make an official bank account for your business.

A Permit from Eyelash Extension Retailers

Before you start purchasing the inventory, it is obligatory to get a permit from the product retailer to resell.

Legalization of Salons Ownership

You need to get your store verified to entitle the ownership.

EIN State Tax Number

For tracking your business’s tax requirements and disbursements, you will need a tax identification number.

obtain proper training for your employees

3.Obtain Eyelash Training and Certification

Before starting the lash extension services, you should be adequately trained and equipped with some skills. There are several eyelash extension programs to get proper training.

How to Select the Best Training Program?

The primary element of contribution in selecting a training course is estimating your budget. The courses may vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars according to your state and the level of lash artistry you want to learn.

It is recommended to go with the program with the moderate pricing as choosing an extremely cheap training will not be sufficient, and high costly one will drain a lot of bucks from your pockets.

Tip: Before making a final selection, complete research to understand how former and existing students feel about the training program.

Also, make sure that the course provider holds a legal certificate so that your diploma is validated. Ensure to verify the licensing necessities in your region, as stated earlier, to be convinced that you are following the proper measures to start your lash extension business.

eyelash extension certification for salons

4.Find Appropriate Location For Eyelash Extension Studio

You can start an Eyelash extension business from anywhere, be it your home or a particular studio. You can even work at a well-establish salon to provide lash extension services to divide the rent and get more clients.

If you are going to start your very own studio or booth, then ensure to check all the laws, regulations, and legalities of your state and region.

Select a Smaller Place

If you are starting a lash extension salon without any partnership, you will handle all the finances by yourself. It will be better to go with a more diminutive studio as it will be easy to manage, plus it will not be having surcharging rental costs.

Select a Place at Commercial Area

Another tip is to go with the area which accommodates a market rather than picking a residential spot. If you are choosing a marketable place, then it means getting new visitors every other day. Additionally, it can help you in creating your brand awareness.

Avoid Rental Disputes

The most crucial point to understand is to keep your professional terms exceptionally good with every related entity. To avoid disputes, it is a must to sign a contract and precise every minor detail about using the property and following rules set by landlords.

5.Get Lash Room Equipment

One of the most significant aspects of commencing a lash extension business is to get equipped with proper tools and gadgets. Choosing the right equipment will help you in chasing more customers as they will enjoy the comfort on the go.

Install Bright Lighting

One of the essential elements in your lash studio is lightning. Without adequate fulmination, you will not be able to carry out proper execution of the lash application. The lights should be bright and adjustable enough to give you a clear vision of each tiny lash.

Reclining Chair for Clients

To apply lashes, you need to be in a comfortable position as well as your clients. Even a little bit of disturbance in sitting posture can cause tremendous problems.

To avoid these issues, you are required to lounge on conveniently for a couple or more hours. Some massage tables can be modified and adjusted to make them ideal for supporting your legs to go under and provide the most comfortable floundering position.

Sheets and Sanitary Covers for Lash Bed

Getting lashes is one of the riskier treatments, and many clients avoid the procedure if they are suspicious about the hygiene of the place. To grab clients and create a level of trust, you should keep the environment clean and tidy.

Get new sheets for the lash bed and get them washed after using each time. It is recommended to get a foam topper for the extra convenience of your clients. Ensure to keep several sets of sheets and linings to avoid any problem.

Comfortable Chair for Service Provider

Just as your clients need to rest in a relaxed position while getting the services, you are also in need of staying untroubled and comfy as a service provider.

An adjustable chair with wheels can help you immensely in making the execution quickly without having any stress. Sitting on a soft-lined chair as you provide the services will keep you away from back and neck strains.

Get Enough Storage

Another crucial determinant to contemplate is the storage and shelves in the lash room. Keeping the storage space will help you maintain the supplies, including tissue papers, sheeting, organizers for adhesives and eyelashes, which will make your lash life so much easier.

Lash Tumbril

A lash cart on wheels is an undeniable, handy gadget for lash artists to utilize many various instruments and objects during their duties. Holding your lash accessories everything else you require to keep all things at one spot.

Everything will stay right at your fingertips; keep you organized and help you complete your lash services smoothly. You can avoid fumbling around by having your lash cart prepped and ready to go before each client arrives.

Get a Washbasin and Sterilization Area 

Having an eyelash extension studio will require you to have a sink in your beauty salon to help you effortlessly wash your hands and sanitize your space. Ensure to sanitize and sterilize your appliances accurately as directed by the local health district.

Showcase your Achievements!

It is essential to display your expertise and skills to the clients by showing your awards and certificates. This is a transcendent way to beautify your wall and create a positive impact on customers’ minds. Displaying your achievements will boost your confidence and build a positive brand image in your clients’ perceptions.

Display the Products

By showcasing the retail products, it will be helpful for you to maintain a positive brand image. Always try getting retail products from well-known and verified wholesalers to get the best quality.

Display Eye lash products in your store

6.Provide Adequate Payment Methods

Once you are done selecting the spot and setting up your equipment, the next step is to finalize the payment methods. Having more than one payment method will help you in getting more customers. Paying cash is one of the most convenient methods.

Also, make sure to add credit and debit card payment methods to make online bookings. Payments through bank transfer should also be kept in mind while finalizing the procedures.

Cash Payments: Consumers keep cash in the form of coins and bills. This is the convenient financial way to provide your services to clients who do not hold a bank account and credit/debit cards. 

The advantages of receiving cash payments comprise collecting the amount instantly instead of expecting a transaction to release. Cash payments also reduce on extra charges because there are no expenses connected with receiving cash from clients.

Check Payments: Another payment method you can offer is accepting checks. A third-party organization can assist in confirming the validity of every check. Make sure that the check is valid so that you do not lose any money.

Card Payments: Paying with cards is comfortable and can promote a more tranquil transactional procedure. Moreover, it enables clients to pay massive amounts, so most consumers demand firms to accept cards.

Online Payments: The transactions made through online payments process digitally. This practice facilitates and authorizes certain sorts of fees, comprising e-Checks, debit cards, and direct credit payments.

This payment method will help your clients in booking appointments for getting eyelash extensions in advance.

Is Crochet Business Profitable?

As you are selling your skills, the profit solely depends on your creativity and innovativeness and the quality of your supplies. If you are using premium supplies, then it will increase the charges for a particular product. Moreover, the time invested in creating an item will also be added to retail pricing.

The supplies for crocheting are usually bought in bulk which reduces their charges. So even if you are using high-quality supplies, you can earn a high percentage of profit. Furthermore, you can enjoy the substantial monetary advantage of selling handicraft goods as such products are appreciated and demanded globally.

7.Get a Professional Bank Account 

Having a bank account will allow you to keep all the transactional records on hand. Moreover, it will help you in collecting online payments and digital transitions securely. It is way easier to collect payments and manage your finances with a professional bank account.

A business account will help you keep your assets safe as it acts as a shield between personal and professional support. So, consider this aspect carefully before setting up your eyelash extension business.

8.Get the Insurance Policy

Getting insurance services for your business is as important as any other process. Insurance policies will help your business get unaccountable in case of any uncertain damages caused by natural hazards or clients.

Understand the type of insurance policy you need for your business. If you are uncertain about the success of your business, then go for General Liability Insurance. Picking an Employees’ Compensation Insurance will help you in getting an adequate number of team members.

9.Build A Strong Team

You are getting started with an eyelash extension service; get a team of professionals. You have to start hunting for the well-experienced staff that will assist you in providing the best services.

You must hire a receptionist to take calls and confirm appointments as well as greet visitors. Also, having a manager is a must to control and maintain the decorum of your workplace. Get a team of beauticians, cosmeticians, and consultants to provide excellent services.

10.Make Strategies to Market Your Business

There is no benefit in starting a business if you are not creating awareness about the venture. Marketing is crucial when it comes to startup companies.

Have an Online Presence: Get a team of developers and invest some bucks to get a professional business website. It will help your clients to reach you without any problem and create awareness of your business.

Social Media Profiles: Make your business profiles on all the social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Clients are more interested in getting in touch with businesses through social media.

Use Referral Based Marketing: If you have friends in a particular or related field, then take their help in marketing your new venture. For instance, if your friend is running a salon, ask them to refer your business to their clients. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Let Your Eyelash Extension Venture Flourish 

Eyelash extension business is undoubtedly one of the most profit-earning ventures globally. By starting this business, you will help people increase their confidence, boost their self-esteem, and enhance their personalities. 

Providing lash extension services is a core that lies between hairstyling and make-up services which makes this business immensely powerful. Once you start doing well, make sure to provide discounts to help the clients. 

Moreover, stay honest with paying taxes and keep all the professional legalities in mind. Your eyelash extension business will surely do great if you follow a proper set of plans and guidelines.

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