6 Typical Problems With Scag Tiger Cat 2 Mower (+Solutions)

Although the Scag Tiger Cat 2 mower is an excellent choice for strong power and high performance, there are some drawbacks that present the need for occasional repairs and replacements. If you’re experiencing any problems with your mower, it’s worth it to learn about the typical problems other customers are facing with the same model. 

In this article, we will discuss 6 of the most common Scag Tiger Cat 2 issues, covering problem areas ranging from the fuel line all the way to the center of gravity. We’ve filtered through thousands of customer reviews to come up with a comprehensive guide that includes how to identify and solve your mower troubles. 

The most common Scag Tiger Cat 2 issues affect the cutting speed, fuel line, hydro belt, and starting functions. Customers have also complained about gaps in the non-transferable warranty, along with the seat’s center of gravity. There are simple solutions to most of these problems, including blade sharpening, hydro belt replacement, and seeking an authorized dealer for repairs. 

6 Typical Problems With Scag Tiger Cat 2 Mower (+Solutions)

In this section, we will highlight 6 of the most common Scag Tiger Cat 2 problems. Read on for an explanation of why you may be having an issue with your mower, along with some practical solutions and troubleshooting steps. 

Problem #1 Cutting Speed Issue

A swift cutting speed is essential for your mower to run efficiently and cut the grass as intended. A slow mower can increase your time spent on this task significantly. The Scag Tiger Cat 2 is known to be relatively quick, so if you notice any delays it could be a sign of a problem. 

Possible causes of a cutting speed issue include dull blades, the wrong blade type, incorrectly mounted deck, and a bent spindle. If your mower is cutting unevenly, the blades may not be on the same level due to your deck not being mounted correctly. Similarly, a bent spindle can cause your cuts to be noticeably lopsided. 

You should also avoid cutting wet grass. This can be a cause for concern about cutting speeds, however the blades are not able to cut consistently due to the slippery consistency of the excess water. If you’ve attempted to mow your grass after watering or rain, try again when it’s dry to eliminate the possibility of a larger issue. 

If you identify a dull blade, you can sharpen it on your own. While you may be tempted to use a wheel grinder, this isn’t recommended because it can burn your blades. Instead, use a file for a quick solution. 

lf you discover the wrong blade type, replace it with a compatible product. For assistance with recommendations or professional repairs and replacements, contact an authorized dealer in your area. They can also help you solve any issues you find with your deck and spindle. 

Problem #2 Fuel line Issue

Your mower needs gas to maintain power and quick, efficient cutting speeds. Similar to a car running out of fuel, your mower will move noticeably slower when it doesn’t have enough gas. Besides a lack of fuel alone, a sluggish system may indicate a fuel line issue. 

If your mower is delayed, the fuel line could be clogged or broken. To troubleshoot this issue, check the fuel line from beginning to end. There are several areas where clogs may occur due to gummy debris and buildup. 

First, use the shutoff valve to stop the flow of fuel temporarily before you begin. You can also achieve this using pinch pliers. 

Remove the furthest end (away from the fuel tank) and place it into a bucket. Starting the fuel flow again will show you if there’s a healthy flow or a problem in this area based on how much fuel is deposited into the container. 

If you find a clog in your fuel line, the best solution will involve using carburetor cleaner followed by compressed air. Spray both of these into the line and continue to repeat the process until the blockage is released. If you happen to discover a crack or other damage to the fuel line while attempting these troubleshooting steps, you will need to replace it with a new one instead. 

Problem #3 Hydro Belt Issue

One of the major drawbacks of the Scag Tiger Cat 2 is a breakage issue with the hydro belt. This problem is out of your control, as it’s caused by the manufacturer. The newest model features a larger pump size than the previous design. 

However, when this was updated, the product designers failed to update the wheel motors. Since the size of the wheel motors remained the same, they are now too small to be compatible with the new pump. This places a heavy load of weight and pressure on the hydro belt. 

Although there is no way to prevent this as a Scag Tiger Cat 2 owner, you can replace the hydro belt with a new one whenever breakage occurs. Keep in mind, though, this is a recurring issue faced by many other customers. Online reviews reveal a very short duration of use before this happens as well. 

As an alternative solution to a hydro belt issue, you may consider switching to the previous model (Scag Tiger Cat 1). Similarly, if you are researching this topic in your purchasing phase, you might choose this model instead. If this is not an option, you can keep extra belts in preparation for frequent replacements. 

Problem #4 Warranty Issue

Product warranties are put in place to protect customers from coming out of pocket for factory defects and unavoidable failures. The Scag Tiger Cat 2, specifically, comes with a guarantee for 2 years from the date of purchase for any manufacturing problems. 

If issues are discovered within this time frame, you can have them repaired or replaced at no cost. However, this doesn’t include normal wear and tear. Therefore, many of the common issues discussed previously, such as hydro belt problems, are not covered under this manufacturer guarantee. 

The biggest complaint about the Scag Tiger Cat 2 warranty is that it’s non-transferrable. This means that if the product is sold or gifted to another person, the warranty does not apply. 

If you buy a second-hand mower, you will not be covered by the warranty within those 2 years if something goes wrong. As the best solution for this problem, it’s recommended to buy a brand new mower directly from the manufacturer if possible. 

Problem #5 Center of Gravity Issue

The Scag Tiger Cat 2 has been reported to have a relatively low center of gravity when compared to most other popular models. This doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of the mower, but it can be uncomfortable for you during use. 

The seat position is much further back than you may be used to, and sits lower than the average mower. If you frequently use commercial mowers and have certain preferences, using this model can take some adjustment. 

Not much can be done about this issue, as it’s how the product is designed. Previous customers agree the most favorable solution would be an update from the manufacturer, however this isn’t quite actionable for current owners of the product. 

Consider this factor before buying the Scag Tiger Cat 2 if it’s likely to be a problem for you during use. If this is not possible in your situation, try to move the seat forward while you’re getting off and on for increased comfort. xd

Problem #6 Starting Problem

If your mower is not turning on at all, this indicates a problem with the starting function. To eliminate the possibility of a more serious issue, ensure you are starting it correctly in the first place. Review the proper steps and try again to rule out further problems. 

If you’re starting your mower properly and still doesn’t turn on, use a fuel stick to check its levels, and add more gas as needed for an easy solution. A worn spark plug could also contribute to a starting problem. Consider this possibility if your spark plug is old, and replace it with a new one if you’re able to diagnose this issue. 

To start up effectively, the flywheel and magnetic coil must have a gap between them of exactly 0.010 to 0.015 inches. If you discover they are too close together or too far apart, loosen or adjust the coil to meet this requirement.  

Lastly, your starting problem could stem from your engine. The Scag Tiger Cat 2 is equipped with a Kawasaki motor. In the past, there have been issues with fuel filter leaks on these particular models. This has since been resolved, but it’s worth it to check for a similar problem. 

Overall, the Scag Tiger Cat 2 is a solid choice that you can make use of for years to come. Although there are several issues you may encounter during the lifetime of your equipment, there are DIY troubleshooting steps for nearly every problem.

If you have tried all of the solutions we explained above to no avail, locate an authorized dealer in your area and speak with a specialist for assistance. 

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