Unveiling 7 Common Bad Boy Mowers Problems And Their SolutionsBad Boy MowersUnveiling 7 Common Bad Boy Mowers Problems And Their Solutions

Bad Boy has produced quality commercial and residential mowers since 2002, and it certainly shows. If you’ve ever used a Bad Boy mower, you’ll understand firsthand.

However, any great mower has the capacity to become worn down. Be it a shaky mower deck or a gas leak, there are straightforward and easy fixes to all of these common issues, so don’t fret if you run into one or two.

The seven most common Bad Boy mower problems — a mower that won’t start, transaxle problems, a mower without power, steering issues, a vibrating mower, a shaky mower deck, and gas leaks  — can all be fixed.

Our complete Bad Boy mower issues guide will walk you through each of these known issues as well as their respective solutions and fixes.

Let’s take a look at the more commonplace Bad Boy mower issues.

The 7 Most Common Bad Boy Mowers Problems

If your Bad Boy mower isn’t working as it should, you’re in luck. In our must-know guide, we’ll break down some of the seven most common Bad Boy mowers problems, such as:

  • It won’t start
  • Issues with the transaxle
  • Loss of power
  • Steering issues
  • The motor deck is shaky
  • It’s vibrating
  • There’s a gas leakage

First, let’s diagnose your Bad Boy lawn mower problem.

Problem #1. You Bad Boy lawn mower won’t start.

For your Bad Boy mower to start up, it needs a few necessary things. The lawn mower needs air, a spark, and fuel, just like any other fuel-powered mower. If any of these components is missing, your Bad Boy mower isn’t going to start.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few potential causes for a mower failing to start.

Some of the most common reasons include clogged or blocked fuel parts; old fuel; a bad spark plug; a clogged air filter; or even a dirty carburetor.

If you have any electrical issues — namely a bad battery, a faulty switch, or an ignition coil — your Bad Boy lawn mower might not start.

Let’s take a deep dive into these problems along with their respective fixes.

  1. The mower has old or bad fuel. Although you might not realize it, gas deteriorates after a while. This deterioration leads to less efficient fuel that’s more likely than not going to clog the fuel system. The fix? Start by completely draining the lawn mower’s gas tank. Once it’s empty, fill the tank back up with new gas. You can also grab an additive for the fuel, such as Sea Foam. The additive will help clean the fuel system while also stabilizing the fuel itself. Be extra careful to use the right gas for your mower.
  1. The lawn mower has a faulty spark plug. This could happen for many reasons, includinga bad connection; a very dirty plug; a broken spark plug; or it’s not gapped properly. The solution here is to get a brand new spark plug, make sure it’s gapped properly (check the manufacturer’s specs), and secure the connections.
  1. Your Bad Boy mower has a clogged fuel filter. If your mower’s gas filter is dirty, the fuel flow will be restricted. All you’ll have to do to fix this is replace the filter.
  1. Your lawn mower has clogged gas lines. The clog can be a direct result of dirt build up and bad fuel deposits. When the gas lines are blocked, your Bad Boy mower can’t get the needed amount of fuel. If you have to, you can replace the lines. Otherwise, get a carburetor cleaner and use compressed air to remove debris.
  1. The mower has dirty or loose terminals or a faulty battery. Corroded terminals, loose cables, or even just a dead battery can prevent your mower from starting. Start by charging your battery. If it won’t hold a charge, buy a new one. Clean the terminals from corrosion and ensure the cables are secure.
  1. Your Bad Boy mower has a bad coil or ignition switch. Faulty coils or a bad ignition switch can stop your lawn mower from starting, too. Test the bad switch and buy a new one to replace the faulty one.
  1. Your mower has a broken recoil. If you have a pull-to-start lawn mower, you could have a broken or damaged recoil. This will prevent your engine from starting. Take a look at the recoil. In some cases, it can be restrung. Other times, you’ll need to replace the broken parts. 
  1. The lawn mower has a faulty safety switch. In some situations, you don’t want your mower to start, which is why safety switches exist. However, your mower won’t start if a switch fails.
  1. Your Bad Boy mower has a dirty carburetor. Just like any other part of your lawn mower, the carburetor can get dirty. Things like ethanol deposits and bad fuel can clog it and stop the gas from flowing. Take apart the carburetor to clean the individual parts. If that doesn’t cut it, you can buy a new carburetor.
  1. Your mower has a bad gas pump. If your gas pump is leaking or faulty, it’s impossible to generate the necessary pressure to pump gas. This issue has an easy fix: replace the fuel pump.  
  1. The lawn mower has a clogged air filter. Common culprits for a blocked air filter are grass and dirt. These things can clog the mower’s air filter, which restricts airflow. To fix this, take out the filter and carefully clean it. If it’s not in good shape, replace the filter.
  1. Your mower has a faulty or clogged gas cap. Occasionally, the fuel cap’s vent can become blocked. As a result, your lawn mower’s tank creates a vacuum, which inhibits the successful flow of fuel. Your best bet is to clean the gas cap and unclog the vent. You can also buy a new cap for the mower.
  1. There’s no fuel in the gas tank. This is the simplest issue with the easiest solution: Fill up the tank with new, fresh fuel.

Problem #2. Your mower is having transaxle problems.

If you’re unfamiliar, your mower’s transaxle conducts power from the engine to the wheels. As you can imagine, it’s a critical part of a working lawn mower. If the transaxle isn’t in pristine condition, the mower won’t move right.

Because transaxles are made to stay operational during the life of your Bad Boy mower, you can’t service them.

You could have a damaged or faulty charge hydro pump system, which leads to transaxle problems. A trusted mechanic can both diagnose and fix this issue.

On the other hand, a hydraulic fluid leak can cause transaxle problems. The solution lies in seal kit installation.

Problem #3. Your lawn mower is experiencing a power loss.

It’s pretty frustrating if you’ve ever had your Bad Boy mower lose power and consequently shut off.

Usually, the problem is an air or gas blockage. If the mower’s fuel is bad, it can totally block the various mower parts. To fix this, drain the gas tank and replace it with new gas. You can also use a gas additive for stabilization. Believe it or not, too much engine oil can also be an issue. If that’s the case, take out a bit of oil.

A clogged air filter can also cause power loss with Bad Boy lawn mowers. If it’s the air filter, take it out and clean it (or just replace it).

If the machine overheats, the mower can also shut down. The culprits for overheating can include:

  • A blocked engine cooling fan
  • Not enough air in the mower’s engine
  • Engine oil levels that aren’t high enough

Evaluate your lawn mower for things that might restrict the gas and airflow or gas that makes the machine too hot. In addition to these items, check your mower’s spark plug, charging system, ignition coil, and battery. These parts can all be replaced to fix the issue.

Cooling fins that are dirty or broken can also be the culprit. These cooling fins get covered in oil, grass, and dirt over time, which blocks air from cooling the engine block. The solution? Clean the fins and replace any broken ones.

If you think your gas lines are clogged, buy a carburetor cleaner and rely on compressed air to remove the blockage.       

A dirty carburetor can also cause your lawn mower to fail. To fix it, clean all its parts and buy a new one if need be. 

Lastly, the choke can make your lawn mower’s engine turn off as it keeps restricting airflow once the engine is warm enough. The solution here is to make sure the choke is in the right position.

If your Bad Boy mower loses power, any one of these could be the root of the problem.

Problem #4. Your Bad Boy mower won’t steer correctly.

Like other mower issues, there are a few causes that can affect your mower’s steering capabilities. This includes worn steering dampers and tire pressures that aren’t correct.

If your mower’s tire pressure isn’t correct, fill the tires based on your manufacturer’s specifications. All tires should have the same pressure.

If the dampers are faulty, the lawn mower might jerk from side to side. If that’s the case, buy a new damper.

Make sure to evaluate the mower’s tracking, too. The lawn mower will fail to drive straight and can veer off to one side or another if one of your Bad Boy’s tires moves faster than the other. Check the owner’s manual to change the speed adjustment bolt to alter the tire’s rotation speed.

Problem #5. Your lawn mower has a shaky mower deck.

Your lawn mower might also shake if you have bad deck parts. Bent brackets, off-balanced mower blades, a worn belt, or worn bearings in the pulleys and spindle housings can completely throw off your mower’s equilibrium.

To fix a shaky mower deck, evaluate which issue might be the cause. If you have damaged or unbalanced mower blades, replace them. Worn deck belts or pulleys should also be replaced with new ones.

Plan on replacing bad spindle housing bearings as well if those are the root issue.

Problem #6. Your mower is vibrating.

It’s normal for your Bad Boy lawn mower to vibrate. However, if your mower has broken or loose components, the normal vibration can transition to intense, harmful vibrating. Debris stuck in the mower, a bad clutch, and worn linkages can also cause vibrating. You’d be surprised — even the tiniest part can create serious vibrations.

Items that should be replaced include:

  • A bad clutch
  • Missing engine mounting bolts

For things that are tangled around the blade spindle, evaluate the spindle for any damage and take out all the debris near the blade shaft. If you have debris stuck in the mower, check the mower deck for any items and foreign materials.

Problem #7. Your Bad Boy lawn mower is leaking gas.

Although a fuel leak sounds pretty straightforward, finding the source of the leak can actually be a bit difficult.

It’s possible for a fuel leak to go totally unnoticed. If you smell a strong odor where you store the mower, or if you see a trail of grass that’s been burned, you probably are dealing with a gas leakage. Don’t be surprised if you can’t see the leaked fuel. There’s a chance the gas had time to evaporate.

Grass can make your Bad Boy mower parts deteriorate over time, which leads to the development of leaks. This can cause the plastic housings to leak as they weaken. Deterioration can also make the mechanical components fail.

Let’s take a closer look at these issues and their solutions.

  1. Your fuel filter is old. This is an easy fix. The filter can become clogged, so all you’ll need to do is replace it.       
  1. Your mower has a bad fuel tank. Your tank can start leaking if it’s old or otherwise faulty. Replace the tank, and you won’t have a leak.
  1. The fuel lines are cracked. Fuel can leak out if the rubber gas lines dry and start to crack. Replacing the gas lines will solve this.
  1. Your mower’s gas cap has a faulty seal. If the fuel cap seal fails, fuel can splash out of the tank. Replacing the faulty seal is your best bet.
  1. There’s a bad fuel shut-off valve. Shut-off valves made of plastic or metal are prone to leaks. Be sure to replace the valve if you notice it leaking.
  1. Your mower has a faulty fuel pump. Over time, your lawn mower’s pump can break down and, as a result, can start leaking. Just replace the pump, and you should be good to go.
  1. Your lawn mower has a failed or dirty carburetor. Because substances from old fuel can build-up in your mower’s carburetor, mower components may fail, and blockages can happen. To fix it, clean the carburetor and replace the broken components. 

Although it can be overwhelming and frustrating when you’re experiencing Bad Boy mower problems, it doesn’t have to be.

There are many common causes, from transaxle problems to a shaky or vibrating mower. Luckily, each of these causes has a host of solutions, so you should be able to get your mower shipshape in no time.

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