What Should I Do with My Old Air Compressor?

Air compressors may last a long time, but you’ll eventually need to get rid of yours. Whether it be because you must downsize or the air compressor doesn’t work anymore, it can be hard to find out what to do with old air compressors. So, are old air compressors worth anything, and what should you do with them?

Old air compressors are worth between $100 to $130 per horsepower, but worn compressors are only worth $50 per horsepower or less. You can get more money out of an old air compressor if the manufacturer label is visible and it’s less than 5 to 10 years old. Facebook Marketplace is the best place to sell old air compressors, and you can bring old air compressors that aren’t worth much to the scrapyard for some cash.

You can also convert an old air compressor into a smoker if you hollow it out. Follow along as we explore whether your old air compressor is worth anything and see what you can do to repurpose or get rid of it.

Are Old Air Compressors Worth Anything?

Old air compressors are worth $100 to $130 per horsepower, but it varies based on the model, age, and condition. For example, an air compressor that is over 15 years old with lots of wear and tear may only be worth $50 per horsepower. Cosmetic blemishes aren’t as important when it comes to the value of old air compressors compared to old guitars or cars.

That said, you will get more bang for your buck if the manufacturer information is still visible on the air compressor. Customers will be more likely to buy your old air compressor if you have a visible stamp or label from the manufacturer. Whether it be the serial number, model number, or brand logo, this stamp can add value to your old air compressor.

Old air compressors are only worth anything if they still work. It helps to take a video of your old air compressor in action if you plan to sell it online. This will let the customer know that it works and is worth the price tag you sell it for.

What Can You Do With Old Air Compressors?

Whether you sell it, scrap it, or turn it into a smoke, you can do a lot with an old air compressor. Let’s look at what you can do with old air compressors whether they are worth anything or not.

List It on FaceBook Marketplace

List your old air compressor on Facebook Marketplace if it’s worth anything. The best thing about Facebook Marketplace is that you can list old air compressors for local pickup. This will save you time and ultimately money on shipping.

It’s also easy to communicate with the customer on Facebook Marketplace if they have any questions about your old air compressor. That said, honesty is everything on Facebook Marketplace. Make sure to post plenty of pictures and even videos to show what kind of condition your old air compressor is in.

The standard “fair”, “pretty good”, “good”, and “great” rating system is perfect for Facebook Marketplace. Simply describe the condition of your old air compressor as well as you can and list it at a price that matches it.

Use the Parts

You may want to keep some of the parts within your old air compressor if it’s not worth anything. Sure, the tank may not be useful anymore, but the valves and gaskets may be viable. Disconnect your air compressor from power, let it cool down, and carefully inspect each part.

Remove and store any component that you could use for another project. You could even use certain parts, such as pressure pump valves as backups for your new air compressor. Otherwise, you could sell the individual parts online to get the most bang for your buck if they’re in good shape.

Store It

Did you upgrade to a new air compressor and want to get rid of your old one? If so, you may want to simply store your old one for a rainy day. Your new air compressor may run into trouble and require maintenance before you know it.

When that happens, you will need another air compressor so your hobby or business doesn’t slow down in the meantime. You will be happy that you have a backup air compressor, and it’s a great option. That said, you can always sell your old air compressor if it’s worth anything and need the extra cash.

Convert it to a Smoker

Are you a fan of barbeque? If so, then you may know that old air compressors double as smokers. That may not be the case for massive industrial air compressors, but smaller compressors work well as smokers.

You must use a torch or cutting tool to hollow it out, however, but it’s worth the trouble. It may be hard if you don’t have experience with metal work, but it’s quite rewarding. The only downside to this option is that you won’t be able to use it for practical reasons once you turn your old air compressor into a smoker.

Bring it to a Scrapyard

You can’t simply throw away an old air compressor in most cases. They often weigh up to 500 pounds or more, and the trash collection service in your area is unlikely to pick up old air compressors. Instead, you should cut the tank in half with a torch so it’s easy to maneuver, and load it onto a truck.

Rent a truck to load it into or simply put it on your truck bed. If it’s too big, you can always make two or more trips so you don’t strain yourself or exceed the truck’s weight limit. The scrapyard will likely offer some money, but it won’t be as much as if you sold the old compressor online.

However, this is the best option if you don’t think your old air compressor is worth anything. Whether it be too old, damaged, or simply out of style, it’s easier to bring old air compressors to a scrapyard than to market and sell them online.

So, Are Old Air Compressors Worth Any Money?

Old air compressors are worth up to $130 per horsepower if they’re in great condition. The value drops to $50 per horsepower or less if the air compressor is in bad shape in most cases. You can sell old air compressors to a scrapyard or on Facebook Marketplace, where you’ll get the most money.

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