Buying Sand In Bulk For Landscaping Business

Sand is a natural mineral found everywhere around us. People often use it to build their homes or even create beautiful beaches.

The demand for sand has increased over time due to its wide range of applications. However, the supply of sand isn’t always enough to meet the growing demands. This is why you may need to look into buying sand in bulk.

Are you looking for sand in bulk? If so, read on to find out where you can buy sand in bulk near you.

Why Would You Need to Buy Sand in Bulk?

There are many reasons why people might want to purchase bulk quantities of sand. 

If you work for a landscaping company, you may find yourself needing to buy large amounts of sand for projects. Buying in bulk allows you to save money.

You may need a bunch of sand if you are building a beach volleyball court, park, golf course, playground, or even a beach!

If you’re planning on building something big, such as a house or a skyscraper, you’ll likely need to buy a ton of sand as well because sand is used in almost all construction projects even where you would least expect it.

Types of Sand

There are many types of sand that are available for purchase. Depending on what type of project you are doing, you may want a more refined sand, or a more natural sand.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of sand you might buy and for which kind of projects they are most commonly used. 

Masonry Sand

Masonry sand is one of the finest sands available. It’s an important part for mortar mix for brickwork and concrete block projects. But it can also be used for sandboxes, volleyball courts, and for landscaping projects.

Masonry Sand

The very fine texture and shape of the sand grains make it particularly malleable and easy to work with. It has a high percentage of quartz, which makes it ideal for use in masonry applications.

Pit Sand

Pit sand is a mixture of different types of sand that are mined from pits.

This type of sand has larger grains than most sands because they’re made from smaller pieces of rock. They tend to be sharper and jagged in appearance.

Pit Sand

Because of its excellent biding properties, it is often used to build highly durable buildings. Pit sand is also great for making sandcastles.

River Sand

This type of sand is commonly used for road construction. It mixes with asphalt during paving, and is used as a construction material. In addition to being used in the production of concrete blocks, bricks and pipes, river sand is used in agriculture to improve soil quality and in landscaping projects like driveways and patios.

River Sand

As you can see, there are many ways to use river sand. You can make soil amendments by mixing sand with fertilizer, compost and other materials. You can build sandbags to protect against flooding. And you can use sand to produce soil aggregates. Think of all the possibilities with river sand!

Silica Sand

Silica sand is a naturally occurring sand found in nature. It’s composed mostly of silicon dioxide, which makes it extremely hard.

It’s used in the manufacture of glass products like windows and mirrors. Silica sand is also used in ceramics, refractory products, abrasives, and in the chemical industry.

Silica Sand

When buying silica sand, you should always check the fineness grade. The finer the grain size, the better the quality.

Washed Sand

Sand used for construction purposes must meet certain requirements. First, it needs to be clean. This usually means washing it thoroughly. Second, it needs to be dry. If it isn’t dried properly, it could crack during transport. Third, it needs to be free of debris. Any dirt or stones that remain in the sand could cause problems later. Finally, the sand must be fine enough to work well. 

Washed Sand

Washed sand comes already cleaned and sorted. It’s typically sold in 50-cubic yard bags. Some people prefer to purchase sand directly from the supplier. This saves them time and effort. However, it can cost more because the sand is shipped across state lines.

If you decide to go this route, be sure to check the quality of the sand. Look closely at the bag. Does it look like it has been washed? Is there any dust or dirt clinging to it? Also, check the container itself. Are there any cracks or holes? If you see anything wrong, don’t buy it.

Manufactured Sand

Sand is used in countless ways. From making glassware to creating sculptures, there are many uses for manufactured sand.

Manufactured sand is structured and shaped into particles. This makes it easier to handle and manipulate. Manufacturers take the raw material and process it further to create a product.

Manufactured Sand

It is used as a substitute in construction projects and may be a solution to the global sand shortage we are currently facing.

Where Can You Buy Sand in Bulk?

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of sand you need for your project, and how much you might need, you’ll need to know where you can buy it. Let’s explore all the different places you can buy sand in bulk.

Local Landscaping Business

Since landscaping often requires sand to even out the land that you are planning to garden, local landscaping businesses will often offer sand delivery.

This may not be your cheapest option, but it may be one of the most convenient. They will be able to deliver the sand by the truckload depending on how much sand is needed for each project.

Home Advisor can help you find a landscaping company in your area. Here is a list of landscaping companies that supply sand in bulk:

GLM Landscape Supply 

Georgia Landscape Supply

Fredericton Landscaping 

Kentucky Lawn Care

Bulk Delivery Landscaping Materials

Tahoe Sand & Gravel

Ewing Landscape Materials

C&C Sand and Stone

Troy Sand & Gravel

CMM Landscape Supply 

Rock n Dirt Yard 

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Industrial Materials Distributor

If you are searching for a bulk sand provider near near you or if you want to compare prices, online might be the best place to start.

Depending on how much sand you are buying and how far you are located from their distribution center, shipping prices may vary. So before ordering sand in bulk online, check out the shipping prices.

Here is a list of online retailers that offer bulk sand delivery options near you:

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Volley Ball USA 

Sand Bag Store 

Acme Sand 

Mulch & Stone

Reboy Supply

Gravel Shop

Grillo Services

Smart Sand

ELJ Bristol

N.T. Ruddock

Kleen Industrial 

PFS Aggregates

Reade Materials

Scio Packing Co

SRB Boulder

Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry


Bariate World

Vulcan Materials Company

Opta Minerals

Brown Hills Sand

AAA Ready Mix

Quartz Link

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How Much Does It Cost to Deliver Sand in Bulk?

On average Bulk, sand price is about $25 per ton for commercial applications. For residential use, you can expect to pay $35 per yard.

However, there are many factors involved in determining how much sand and the delivery costs, including where you live, what type of sand you need, and whether you want delivery or pickup.

You can choose between buying sand in bags or loose. Depending on the distributor, bags typically come in 50-pound increments. Loose sand is sold by the cubic yard. Sizes range from 5 yards up to 40 yards.

If you want to know exactly how much sand costs in your area, consult one of the companies listed in this article for a quote.

How Much Sand Do You Need?

So, how much sand do you need? Well, that depends on the size of the project. A typical home project will require less than 10 cubic yards of sand.

Beach volleyball courts require about 166 pounds of sand per square foot. This number will vary based on the size of the facility. For example, a standard volleyball court requires approximately 50 cubic yards of sand. A larger court needs more sand.

Remember to always account for a bit of waste, so it is better to order 10% more than you’ve calculated.

When in doubt, you can always consult your bulk sand supplier.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the different places where you can buy sand in bulk, it’s time to get shopping!

Remember to be clear and concise with the company about what your project is like. They will be able to help you make an informed decision as to which sand you need and how much you need for your specific project. 

Be sure to compare prices and types of sand before making your purchase so that you can get the best deal possible. Happy shopping!

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